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Flakey Buyer Feedback for Pixi

Sep 1, 2009

    1. It's unfortunate that I have to do this, but I really don't have a choice. Pixi has contacted me on two separate occasions about a MiniFee Miyu head. The first was because she was interested in a split, however there were no splits open at the time and I told her that I had a blank MiniFee Miyu head that I could sell to her directly. She told me that she would rather have a head with the default Fairyland faceup, so I left it alone.

      I should note here that she was actually quite communicative when asking about the splits. So there were no red flags in my mind at the time.

      Eventually, I posted my Miyu head up for sale and a significant time after it's been up, she PMs me again and says that she decided that she'll take the blank head:

      That was on the 25th and I placed the head on hold for her right away. On the 26th, she posted in the thread with a post that lead me to believe that she was going to follow through with things. She seemed excited that the head was placed on hold for her.

      Friday came and no response from her, so I sent her a PM which was ignored:

      Yesterday I sent her another PM that was also ignored:

      She has been online after each PM was sent so it is my belief that she just doesn't care therefore neither do I.

      Looking for a feedback thread for her today to leave her flakey feedback, I found that she didn't even have one. I should really start checking the feedback threads of those that contact me as buyers, I suppose. I guess that's what I've learned. I just have a general trust that people that contact me will be honest and keep in touch with me.

      Such is not always the case, unfortunately.

      In short, Pixi contacted me on a Tuesday to hold a MiniFee head until Friday and then just blatantly ignored my PMs. I consider myself to be an understanding person, but I do not appreciate being ignored. It wouldn't have been bad if she PM'd me back and said that she suddenly had to back out or push the date back.

      I would have understood.

      I deal with a lot of people on this forum and I know that things happen. I don't mind, as long as I'm kept informed. That's all I really ask.

      Instead, she just chose to say nothing and that just bugs me so much. I've taken the head off hold and am done with this. If there's a story, I don't care to hear it now because it's too late.

      I won't be dealing with Pixi again and post this thread today as a warning to any sellers that she might contact.
    2. Woah! I've contacted you TWICE to get your paypal information, and never received a response! I have NO PM's in my inbox from you! Nothing at all! I gave up trying.