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Flash Flash ~ Unoa Sept Pre-Order ~ Great News

Dec 23, 2004

    1. Flash Flash Flash...... Good news for those who did the September Unoa Pre-Order with Masamichi.. :grin:

      Masamichi said he heard from Alchemo Lab with update, stating that the Unoa Pre-order will be ready soon.. Possibley if things go well He will have the orders there and shipped sometime around 1-10...... :grin:

      Yipppeeeeee... :D Only about 3 weeks more to wait... :D I hope I hope I hope.. all goes well.. and all our lovelies will be on their way to us,, then.. :D

      I hope it is ok to cross post this on the General Discussion board as well..

      Cheers to all!
      And hope everyone has a happy happy Holiday Season.
      Gloria :daisy
    2. that's excellent news! :D
    3. *falls over*

      :daisy :daisy :daisy
      :daisy :daisy :daisy
      :daisy :daisy :daisy
    4. change the thread name! you got my hopes up, i was thinking that there was going to be another pre-order!!!!! :cry: :x
    5. Same here I though about a new pre-order

      *heart attak*

    6. Sorry for any alarm,, but I do have Sept. Pre-order posted in the thread title.
    7. ^_^ that's because I edited your title, but that's not here, nor there!

      I can't wait for them to come out! I hope we hear more soon! :D!