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Flat chested girl body??

Jan 2, 2006

    1. Lol this sounds kind of funny but I was wondering what girl body has the flattest chest. I'm making a character who is a girl but pretends to be a boy so I need a body that's not so big in the chest area.
    2. Hmmmm, you could get a boy body and sand the boy bits down? That way, she wouldn't have girly hips, either.
    3. If you're looking for SDs then good luck.. I think sanding the boy bits down idea is great. It would be super easy.

      For MSDs, just look anywhere lol Most of them are suppsoed to look childlike, so finding a small bust is pretty easy.
    4. I suppose the standard SD girl body would be the one with the smallest chest.
    5. If you like MSD size, any of the Volk's standard girls have really small chest and when dressed properly will look like boys. As far as SD sized, SD10 are your best bet. Baggy clothes can help hide their small breast.
    6. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I was thinking the SD girl bodies were pretty good...I just wasn't sure if they were as small looking as I was thinking they were. I was planning on dressing her in baggier boy clothes to try and cover it up.
    7. I currently have an SD10 girl (I'm actually selling her body too)... She's pretty flat chested from what I can tell... and SD 10 girls have no torso joints so they're best assest are midrif showing clothes.. ^___^
    8. Thanks for the input. (><) Looks like now I know what i'm saving up for. :grin:
    9. I think Peakswoods have the smallest adult bust. While SD10's look more prepubescent, PW bodies are almost exactly the same as CP bodies with the exception of the torso bust piece. The PW bodies are beautiful and very nice to pose as well- very willowy and thin looking.
      I have both of the CP bodies, a Volks SD13 large bust and the PW to compare with.
      Hope this helps. :)
    10. SD10 Nono ^^
    11. The Soom small bust girl body is. . . like mosquito bites.

      My transgendered Gena wears suits and there isn't even a push in the chest region whereas if my Lishe had it on there would be definite issues.

      Yup. I vote Soom small bust. (which was all they had when I first got my Gena)

      Soom is a wonderful company, fast and friendly. I highly recommend.

      (Lots of love for women who dress as men. Yay! The more the merrier.)
    12. Customhouse OLDER bodies (not the new ones) don't have big boobs either.
    13. both are small.
      my bandi's from dollstown are actually very boyish girls and i love the 13b and 13c bodies on them, so easy to hide the boobs.and dollstown makes such a great body, my personal fave,,, but they don't sell the bodys alone.
    14. Dollshe Salubia is very flat chested. She has a very swoopy back though: (

      Ann in CT
    15. Maybe the SD Tenshi body?
      It's not "a girl," as there are no details down there, but it could pass for one quite easily.
      ... plus, they have gorgeous hands.
    16. nofunangie> Wha?? Pw bodies sound good too~! *sigh*...but they don't sell the bodies seperately do they?? (sd is okay though because I want the head to be a kun head.)

      vermaxen>but aren't soom girls really tall in comparison to normal sd girls?? (><) I kinda wanted her to be short. lol..I'm such a pain but my idea is so specific it kills me!!!
    17. If you want a Kun, maybe you could go the way of the FCS and get a small-bust SD13 girl body? They are quite flat-chested, in my experience, which is why I wanted that body. (I have a similar goal in mind, sort of. :oops:) But the skintone won't match too well with the head I have in mind. So I might look into PW!

      Thanks for the suggestions in this thread, everyone--they've been very helpful to me, too. :D

    18. The standard SD body is lovely. It's very girly with all the right curves when exposed, but the girly parts are easy enough to conceal and minimise when dressing.
      *loves on own SD girl*
    19. I third? Peakswoods. ^_^ Very lovely bodies.
    20. *_* You're all making it so hard for me!!!!! lol j/k I'm definately going to have to do more research.

      I was also thinking about the sd13 small breasted body but I've never seen what it looks like and the posability.