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Flaws, scratches, marks! Oh, no! But have they changed how you feel?

Feb 18, 2010

    1. Moderators - I sincerely apologize if there is another thread similar to this one, but as I was searching around, I did not find one... so, I thought I would start my own. :)

      I'm sure we all take care of our dollies very well, but as I was playing with my little girl the other day, I noticed the smallest of marks on her right cheek; there seems to be a little white mark/scratch in the blushing.

      Now, I know many people would absolutely panic over such a thing, but I actually... felt fine. I could always send her to an artist for a retouch, but as odd as it sounds, I've grown sort of... attached to it. I feel it happened, it is a part of her now, and that's fine. Sort of like how some of us have scars, and they may be "ugly" in some people's eyes, but a story, etc. lies behind them, and thus, it doesn't bother us. It's just a part of you.

      She's still absolutely perfect in every way, in my eyes. ^^;;

      This reminds me that we all have flaws... and now that she does, it makes her so much more real. She's not "perfect" in the world's eyes now, but she's so special to me, and that makes me happy. Of course, it was nothing huge - I probably have reacted differently if it was, but this small nick does nothing to my love for her.

      Has anyone else experienced this - when your doll has something that others would consider a flaw, but you love? Or, maybe the opposite.. I'm sure some of us love our dolls to be in absolute perfect condition. I'd love to hear stories/opinions!

      Edit: Just to clarify, this is more to see how different owners reacts to eventual happenings, or small accidents, to their dollies - noticeable or not. For me, I do not panic at every single mark or "imperfection", while I know people who do. I also know people who fret over the tiniest hint of yellowing, while some simply don't find it a big deal, and actually like it, in their own way. I'd just like to see different opinions and stories. ^__^
    2. A scratched faceup wouldn't be a big deal to me since I do my own faceups. If it was really noticeable I'd just redo the faceup or if not I'd be lazy and leave it until the next time I would normally do a faceup. An imperfection wont make me love a doll more though. If there is damage or something on my doll I will fix it and I do think pretty much anything to do with a BJD can be repaired (even the dreaded yellowing).

      In short I like my dolls to be in perfect shape ^_^
    3. For me it's been a long road between wanting my dolls to be perfect - to accepting their flaws - to starting to love every little imperfection they have. I'm glad I'm where I am right now. Much safer for your nervous system and lets you enjoy your dolls a lot more :)
    4. This.
      I wish I could have your mentality.
    5. Damage will always be damage to me. I just cannot see it as a lovable imperfection.

      Faceup rubs drive me BATTY, and I have to have them fixed as soon as I can. I'm quite careful when handling my dolls, so I've never had to deal with physical damage like broken fingers or scratches. I've also been fortunate that I have not had any noticeable yellowing on my dolls. I take care of my dolls, and I feel that it reflects poorly on me should I treat them in ways that damage them or leave them in a damaged state. My belief has always been that you if you care for something, you treat it well.
    6. I admit that I treat Carousel pretty roughly. Yes, he's an expensive doll and all that, but I bought him to enjoy him, not to let him sit on a shelf. He's fallen over, toppled off the top of a hot topic display rack, thrown his headcap under cars- but before I even got him, I conditioned myself to think of it this way- pretty much anything I can do to him, can be fixed. Sanding, apoxy, whatever.

      He lost a finger at the renne faire last year and I don't intend to replace the hand. It's part of him now. He has a nasty scrape on the top adge of his middle torso piece that's normally invisible, but I intend to sand it out sometime soon, just because the powdery residue it sometimes leaves behind gets on my nerves. He also has a very subtle rough spot on his forehead where he tanked it on cement once. I've been debating buffing it out, but since I've been sanding parts of him to dye him I've notice he really has yellowed a lot. So I'm a touch worried about the color difference being really noticable, since when I finally make him his proper hairs they won't cover it well.

      But I like him. It's all his imperfections that make him really unique. There are stories behind them.
    7. Battle scars woot!

      It will happen. My oldest is almost 4, this stain is from this, that mark is from that, remember when we went there and this happened? His slightly younger brother, my favorite, has wig staining I didn't find out until too late, a chip in his back from his necklace, and kissed off half his lips once at his wedding. I freaked, patched them up, now we laugh about it. I only bother to put a hard clam shell on my Ipod.
    8. my favorite doll has some fading (i've had her for almost 5 years) issues and a bit of rubbed-off faceup ... i love her so much just the way she is though, i don't have the heart to get her faceup redone, she's wonderful to me <3
    9. *shrug* Stuff happens, I didn't spend $300 + for a cabinet baby, I spent it to play with and whilst I take every care I can to ensure they don't end up in obvious danger, I can't prevent every accident in the world and I don't sweat them when they occur.

      99% of the stuff that goes wrong I'm perfectly capable of fixing and tbh, PERFECT dolls kinda make me sad, like they just haven't had a story to tell yet. I'd rather mine were in an acceptably (to me) grubby and loved state than sat behind glass and never touched but hey, each to their own and good luck to the people who enjoy just looking at them in cabinets.
    10. He jumped right off the display case and his wig cap broke. It made me a bit heart sick but I glued it back and he is just fine. A hidden scar
    11. I only had my first doll for maybe a month before she fell from where I had sat her down and received a nice large dent in the eyebrow of her face up from the floor. At first I was super upset about it and for a good week I wouldn't go near her. But I've started parting her wig in such a way that it hides the imperfection. Though even if I can see it, I've been told that no one notices it until I point it out to them :sweat
    12. That's a nice thread, it's really interesting to read how different people and their relationship with their dolls are :)
      My first boy, my dearly beloved So, lost part of his ear when my husband dropped him ) I didn't suffer too much over that (my husband did though lol He couldn't forgive himself for quite a while)), but then once I saw a nightmare - my boy's face falling apart to pieces, and I couldn't glue them together >___< That was freaky. I really do like my dolls to be perfect, especially some of them, whose parts are not easy to replace, but hey, when a doll gets scarred, make sure you turn this scar into a very pretty scar )))
    13. I wish I could be more forgiving of accidents when they happen, but I just can't deny that "bumps and scrapes" drive me absolutely batty. :sweat

      A long time ago I owned a Soom Gem Kyrie "Nevermind" full set, and I just ADORED her, loved her to death and thought I would never sell her. But I was holding her one evening and realized... suddenly... one of her fingers was gone. I just couldn't feel the same about her... I ended up selling her very soon after. And to this day I haven't found that finger or even figured out how she lost it in the first place!

      My Elfdoll Carolei, Nikita, has some chipping in her eyeliner right now from stock eyelash removal, and a little chip in her eyeshadow. It's making me crazy. I'm going to fix her up myself as soon as I can, and the damage isn't drastic enough to warrant a total faceup overhaul, but it's still really annoying...

      And as much as my DoD I-Ra is my favored spoiled girl, I'm absolutely terrified to take her anywhere because of her slender elf ears... DoD resin just feels so fragile to me and I would be devastated if one of her ears broke.
    14. I'm rather OCD about my things. I like to keep them in perfect order, in perfect condition and displayed in a way that looks perfect.

      The same goes for my boy, he'll be a year old in May and I remember the wait for him to be shipped out, I was a complete mess, paranoid about this and that... And then the first day he was home I was hanging out with him in my friend's room. When I asked her to look at her my little petshop collection she threw the container they were in to me, she had bad aim... Poor Devine was hit with roughly 200+ animal figures and knocked over. She seemed so freaked out she was ready to cry. But I picked him up, inspected him and laughed it off. I'm much more easy going about him since that day, things will happen but as long as he's not broken into a million little pieces I'm happy.

      I also had an accident with a hair dryer, oh boy x.x; that I was never able to fix entirely, but you can't see it or tell. So I've come to accept that flaw of his... Still paranoid about his face though, I love his face up ^^;
    15. I usually accept their flaws, but I know I would be going mad if I let a massive mark or scratch sit there for ages!

      If it's something I couldn't change or help, then I wouldn't mind. What could I do about it? Zilch :)
    16. I do want to add that I'm typically okay with an imperfection if it can be modded into something neat that still suits the "character" of the doll... For example, if my Elfdoll Carolei (gray haired gal in my signature) toppled over and got a gash on her face, I wouldn't mind getting that modded into a scar, since her character is a strong, tough bounty-hunter type. But that wouldn't really work for my sweet-looking DoD I-Ra. :sweat
    17. I have found on my first girl that minor things don't bother me....like I smudged her at some point in between coats of MSC during a body blush....I know it isn't "damage" so I am not bothered too much (besides I KNOW I am going to be redoing it at least once more.....I messed it up) but her lips are driving me nuts! I cleaned off her faceup and found there has been some minor chipping in her lip resin. Now her lips are uneven but luckily until I get it fixed, her new lipstick covers it. Doesn't make me love her any less, but I can see it if I look too closely. Arrghh
    18. I detest any sort of flaw such as scratches or marks in any of my dolls and strive to fix them as soon as humanly possible whenever I find them. Unfortuntely, my favorite doll also happens to be my doll prone to the most accidents-his entire body has been airbrushed and although he has been sealed and sueded as well as always extremely carefully handled, it still didn't prevent some chipping from around his back joint and a tiny bit of rubbing around his neck. With his clothing and neck ruffle they are impossible to see but because I know they're there it really drives me up the wall. However, because I have neither the means or skill to fix him myself nor the money to constantly send him out for touch-ups, this is one of the few flaws I am forced to live with until I find an alternate method of keeping hm so nicely colored with all of his mods. Because of that he spends almost all his time in his chair looking pretty. Luckily none of my other dolls thus far require such drastic care and I am usually able to fix up any dings or marks on them rather quickly myself.
    19. I feel the same way as you, Ashers. My beloved El once fell over and received three scratches on his knee from the zippers on his pants. It was pretty horrifing but for some reason I never felt compelled to sand away the scratches. It's like they're a part of him, little scars that show that he has a history and is well-loved.

      I do think that if he ever got scratched on his faceup, I'd be pretty beside myself.
    20. My Ichigo took quite the header off a counter here at home about three years ago, onto plush carpet. Didn't notice any problems, no broken fingers or anything. But much later on, I finally had reason to pull off his wig, and holycrap, his head is split from top to bottom in back! :o
      I quickly superglued it, and kept an eye on it, but after a while, I just forget about it completely. :sweat Out of sight, out of my miniscule mind.
      Plus, I realized it had been there quite a while, and I do play with him quite a lot, and it hadn't been evident in any of that moving him around... *shrug*

      Then, there for a while, I was taking him around for shoots here and there with his metal sword, and he of course fell over a few times. Nothing major, no obvious problems.
      Until I undressed him afterwards, and noticed he'd gotten a minor gouge between his shoulder and neck in front. I'm guessing from falling on his sword - haha.
      At first, I was shocked, but after a few seconds, I thought: COOL! Now he's got a real sword scar! :lol:

      My Kyouzou has tipped forward from a standing position on... come to think of it, the SAME carpet! (maybe it's not as plush as I think?) And consequently broken two fingers. rar.
      But once I got my hands on a "replacement" body for him? I couldn't do it. It just wasn't "him" any more. So he proudly goes around with his two fingers superglued on, and occasionally they pop off in cold weather. But he doesn't mind at all. I think he thinks it just makes him look even tougher. :lol:

      I try not to sweat it too much. I do feel guilty, until they puff up their chests and tell me it's fine, and won't the chicks just dig that? :XD: