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Flonne / Atelier Momoni feedback list

Nov 7, 2006

    1. Please leave your feedback if you had a transaction with me :)

      Thanks! :daisy
    2. I had an excellent transaction with Lola recently! She is a very pleasant person to communicate with, and her work is extremely extremely awesome and professional!

      Thanks Lola! =D
    3. i had a great transaction with Flonne! She's super helpful and wonderful to deal with, and her clothes are of extremely high quality. i will definitely buy from again!
    4. I've commissioned Flonne twice, both times for quite complicated outfits, and each time she has been fast, extremely friendly and produced a professional, high-quality garment. Highly recommended!
    5. I had a wonderful transaction with Flonne in the past for a couple Petite Ai clothings. Her work is simply fabulous and I will definately buy from her again in the future~
    6. I commissioned a set of dresses from Lola and they are AWESOME. Her work is as good as Mio's! :D
    7. I got a little Pury from her and she arrived sooo fast and she even sent me a little outfit for free for my little baby.
    8. Flonne bought "U-Noa 2nd Dollybird Special Kit" from me~.

      She's a very lovely person :D
      All of her PMs were fast and very polite, her payment was fast :)
      She's a very nice buyer!!

      Flonne is a great pleasure to deal with :D
      I highly recommend Flonne!!
      Thank you very much :aheartbea
    9. Thanks!:aheartbea I love all my little outfits!:fangirl:
    10. Flonne is a real sweetie
      wonderful to deal with
    11. Flonne is a sweetheart :) Fantastic made clothes and friendly emails.
      *saves money so i can bother you again :)*
    12. Flonne is a wonderful wonderful seller and seamstress!
      The holiday card and the tee shirt gift are very sweet~ <3
      Thank you! ^^
    13. Flonne is a wonderful seller! nice communication and wonderful items!
    14. First time I buy from Flonne, I'm sure I'll buy more from her! Nice jeans for my unoa and cutest t-shirt ever >o< and cute cute packaging! >o<
      Very nice to deal with and very precise ^^
      thanks again!

    15. Lovely to deal with and the jeans are great! Thanks!
    16. Awesome seller, great jeans!! Thanks!
    17. EEEEEEE, THANKS SO MUCH! *hug* x333 I love the outfit very much~! I've already taken pics of her! =]]] Flonne is a really nice person; she sends the outfit really fast; the packaging is really neat; she's an awesome seller; the outfits are beautifully made; she's a wonderful person! Thanks!
    18. I had two transactions with Flonne ^^ She was wonderful and very patient with me *^^* I love her outfits a lot!
    19. I've bought two outfits from Flonne and both times were a pleasure. She's great to work with and her work is excellent.
    20. pin tuck dress is beautiful! Thanks!