Event [FloraMonkey] 55% off FloraMonkey Body

Jun 11, 2020

    1. ※ Notice on discounted sales of Flora Monkey Body

      Event details: 55% discount sales of Flora Monkey Body

      Items included: FM 17 Classic Boy Body and FM 15 Classic Girl Body

      Event period: From June 11, 2020 ~ Until the products are sold out

      * Flora Monkey FM17 Boy Body and FM15 Girl Body are currently being sold at 55% discount.

      * The corresponding Body products are sold after having been manufactured with shipping of the product within 1~3 business days after the payment confirmation for the order.

      * The corresponding Body products were manufactured in May 2020.

      * The event will end when all the products prepared are sold out.

      * The corresponding Body product line will be discontinued after the event.

      FM 17 Classic Boy Body
      FM 15 Classic Girl Body


      ** Currently, Flora Monkey Shop and April Story Shop are combined.
      For product purchases and inquiries, please proceed in April Story Shop~
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    2. Do you mean that these bodies will be completely unavailable after this?
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    3. Would it be possible to get the heel legs with the body?
    4. Yes, it will be discontinued~
    5. You can choose as an option :)
    6. another question: is Lillian's head available? Her price is 211, where all the other heads are like 67
    7. Sorry. I wrote it wrong. Now it has been modified :)
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    8. thank you so much!!
    9. Do you do layaway?
    10. Will the Amelie sculpt be available again, or has it been discontinued already?
    11. Will Rebecca be available again?
    12. @xkelpiex We do not take layaway. Sorry.
      @mimi100 Amelie has been discontinued. No more production. :(
      @djgigahertz Rebecca has also been discontinued. No more production. :(
    13. Thank you for your reply about Amelie.