Preorder *Flower & Junior *New head Little Fox stop collecting on May30th.

Nov 11, 2017

    1. [​IMG]


      Name:Little Fox
      body ref.:DZ014/015
      delivery date:
      within 3weeks after order.
      check it :NEW DOLL
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    2. What size is the neck hole? Didn't find any measurements on the page.
    3. I have the same question as @/IttyBittySpider and do you have any resin comparison to other company like dollzone?
    4. Are there little fangs on the sculpt? In the picture with the faceup it kinda looks like it.
    5. face up have fungs,acutual no.

      6.3-6.5cm for neck ,head for MSD SIZE ,DZ014/015 for body ref.
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    6. So he will fit on Dollzone body 014? :D

      Then will Flower&Junior white skin match Dollzone white skin?

      Thank you very much, he’s adorable!
    7. yes ,can match DZ WHITE SKIN.
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    8. Good day,

      Till when in the pre-order for Little Fox open? ^^
    9. Is he limited? If yes, how long will he be up for order?
    10. you can make order now ,will send you within 3 weeks .
    11. no limited ,if you make order now ,will send you it within 3 weeks.
    12. Do you accpet payment throught taobao? I found the company taobao shop but Little fox is not available.
    13. we dont start the selling on TAOBAO now ,as we are waiting for ABI face up back to sell them together ,but you can keep eyes on our INS:flower and junior to get the news ,thanks.
    14. Hi, would you mind telling us about Little Fox and Abi's head circumference measurements? Thank you!
    16. Hello! Sorry for an off-topic question, but could you tell me if it's a mistake on the website or just a painful truth - I'm interested in Abi head but it appears there are only two white options to choose from. Isn't there an option for a normal skin tone? Thanks in advance!
    17. I'm sorry if I made you misunderstand me, but I want to know about the head circumference not the neck size :)
      For example, MSD head would normally be around 16-18cm but it would be amazing if you let us know about the detailed measurement.
    18. Hi,ABI only white skin ,not have normal skin ,that 's why the two options are white skin ,thanks.
    19. HI ,ITS 18.5cm ,thanks
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