Preorder *Flower&Junior*Yabi pre-order is closed ,thank you all .

Nov 11, 2017

    1. [​IMG]

      check it :NEWS
      Ref:if the order total Qty less than 50pcs ,we will stop it and refund you.
      updated on13th :
      good news for that our order is sucessful ,:D
      we will keep selling until 25th,if you like it ,join us ~thanks.
      updated on 20th:
      as we will attend the HKDP11 ,we will stop YABI selling on 24th ,if you want to take it ,pls catch this time ,
      updated on 24th :
      order is closed ,thank you for loving my dolls ,thanks.
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    2. On the order page, both options are for white skin only
    3. yes ,only white skin.
    4. Is there a group orders planned for other older sculpts please? I would love to have Mizi. <3