Sales Promotion [FlowerandJunior] Little fox stop selling on May30th.

Apr 11, 2018

    1. We will stop collecting the order of Little Fox until May 30th ,
      if you like it ,
      pls dont miss it .
      check pls for more details:

      Little Fox

      Head:Msd Size


      Neck :6.3-6.5cm

      Body ref.:DZ014/015

      [​IMG] [​IMG]


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    2. Does the head come with the resin ears?
    3. No,the ears are made by the buyers .thanks.
    4. But on the site, it says the doll comes with ears ?
    5. The Char SP that they are currently selling for their 5th anniversary comes with resin ears. (head+body+ears)

      The Little Fox head (you can see the listing from the drop down menu > new doll heads) does not come with ears. (I believe the ears in the picture are SOOM chesire ears belonging to the owner.)

      Forgive me if this is wrong, but I’ve been following F&J for a while now and this seems to be the case. I bought a Little Fox head from them a few months ago and he did not come with ears. Hope this helps!
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    6. Thanks for the infos :3nodding:
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