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Update FM-Anime - New Wigs added

Feb 10, 2010

    1. Beautiful Wigs, Eyes, outfits, and even cosplay!

      Custom wigs in almost ANY color you can imagine! And even custom tailored outfits for your dolls or you!




      If you have ANY questions, please use the "CONTACT US" form on the website!
      Or email directly - mkkha328@msn.com

      This is not my personal website. But I do know the seller. She is HongKong Based so I'm helping her with her shop^^


      What kind of fiber are they? Heat resistant Fiber?
      - NO.Fiber is Kanekalon Fiber from Japan

      How long is the production time on the wigs?
      - 1-2 weeks. by airmail with tracking no. (Wigs already made)

      Are the wigs on your site already made? or do you make to order?
      - 70% is already made. If change of color or order is made, I need a month to make.
      (because too many items i have that can not keep all items in stocks.)

      Can you make a wig two different colors?
      - sure can be make.^^ (better to show me the image how to do.)


    2. I notice on your website you only have SD-sized outfits/wigs listed. Do you have any plans to release items in other sizes? My apologies if I missed something.

      I just love your wigs. :XD:
    3. You can order the wigs in SD and MSD. You just need to put which size you want in your Paypal note. You can do the same thing with the color. From their website:

      I love your wigs too! You have the most diverse colors. :)
    4. Hi there! It's not my website. I'm her English "translator" ^^

      But she makes most sizes, you just have to ask. 1/6 size is the smallest

      Hope that helps!
    5. Poked around the site, these look nice. Question tho, the wigs that have the bows and beads and things; do they come like that or no? (EX: the pinkish wig with the white bow and pearls above)
    6. She said that if you want the bow/beads just add $3.00 ^^
    7. i'm having a really hard time getting around on the site. and at work it was asking me to download speciall plug ins. is it a flash only site? or is just the linked page flash?
    8. I think the first page is just flash, once you get past that you shouldn't have problems. But I'm not sure, I didn't built the site ^^
    9. @Poiizu These wigs look beautiful! I have one question. what kind of fiber are they? Heat resistant Fiber?
    10. Hi there!

      I'm not sure, but I THINK they are. I'll have to ask her. Or you can ask her yourself at the contact us page ^^
    11. How long is the production time on the wigs?
    12. I'm not sure, I'll have to ask her. I had a custom one made and it took a little less than a month ^^
    13. are these wigs the only styles she offers, or is she able to do custom styed wigs?
    14. She offers custom style ^^ She has a lot more on her website oto
    15. Another weird question for you to relay Poiizu, could a two tone wig be done with a zigzag part (one color to each side)?

    16. Okay Ill ask her! She's offline right now, but when she gets back on I will ^^
    17. Added Q&A

      If you have any more questions, feel free to email her a@ - mkkha328@msn.com
    18. I would just like to warn that she has been having some shipping issues lately and a lot of lost packages! If you order, make sure to get tracking\insurance. Check the eBay feedback, as I am someone who is having issues with this.
    19. I had bought 2 pairs of eyes from her ebay shop, and the auctions were removed and the seller became "unregistered" after I had already paid, and they were not shipped out for several weeks until I filed with paypal, and I still do not have them, I would be cautious about ordering.
    20. Dang! The website's now coming up Suspended Domain: This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.
      That was a fantastic assortment of colors too! >_<