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For ame! (SugarCoatedStars)

Sep 15, 2006

    1. Hello, darlings!
      I'd really appreciate those who have done business with me to leave some feedback!

      Thanks~! :D
    2. Sold to SugarCoatedStars who was a great buyer. Prompt payment and good communications. No problems.
    3. SugarCoatedStar is great to work with. a prompt payer and good communication. Highly Recommended
    4. SugarCoatedStars is an awesome buyer~ Always kept in touch!
    5. I received my picture I commissioned and it is great! Great transaction! thanks
    6. Rec'd a pair of MSD boots, very quick shipping and came in great condition. Thanks!
    7. We had an easy transaction with sugar. A wonderful buyer!
    8. had a transaction a while back and it went so beautifully. Perfect communication and an all around sweety. Would do business with again anytime <3
    9. SugarCoatedStars is a great seller -- very friendly and responsive! Item was well packaged and fast shipping.

      Thank you, sugar ;) .
    10. SugarCoatedStars is an excellent buyer. She paid right when she said she would, excellent communication - replied to every PM swiftly, and she's very friendly :)
    11. SCS commissioned a ring from me, kept in great contact, and paid promptly. It was a pleasure to make the piece for her and she was a great buyer!
    12. Great to deal with. I would do it again in a heart beat.
    13. Bought a DoC Yen from Ame, he arrived quickly and in the condition promised. Was very happy with the trade.
    14. I bought two beautiful dresses from SugarCoatedStars and I LOVE them. She's the sweetest person <3 I would surely buy from her again ^_^ Thank you Ame!!!
    15. A very friendly buyer with no problems. Welcome back anytime~
    16. n_n SugarCoatedStars bought some items from my shop, and it was an extremely smooth transaction. Thank you so much.
    17. SugarCoatedStars bought a few more items from my shop n_n and it was another very smooth transaction. Thanks again!
    18. SugarCoatedStars purchased a Unoa Lusis from me, and she was excellent to deal with. Her messages are very polite, and she is very honest and straight-forward.
      I would be very glad to deal with her again.
      I wish all of my transactions were like this, lol!

      Thank you very much again, best thoughts for the future. :cake:
    19. I just sold a cute knit dress to SugarCoatedStars. She was very friendly in PMs and responded right away as well as paying fast.

      I would definitely sell to her again!
    20. I bought a Lati yellow benny from SugarCoatedStars and he arrived quickly and in great shape! A pleasure to deal with.Thanks so much for the wonderful dollie.