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For locals only (a little something about LA Volks Store)

Aug 2, 2005

    1. Ahem
      I am pleased to note that if you are like I and contemplating an employment change or enhancement, that Volks is planning around Sept and Oct advertising the job openings for the new store on their web site.

      So there is time to update resumes, tune up those face-up skills, master the art of restringing.

      Thank you for your attention.


      (and no, they did not say where the store will actually be)
    2. I totally would but I so don't wish to move all the way to LA for a retail job XD;;;
    3. I wonder if they offer an employee discount? :D
    4. ... I think living across the other side of the world somehow discounts me. :oops: But bugger, wouldn't that be the coolest job? *whines*
    5. Haha! A wonderful and dangerous thing that would be :wink:

      *considering moving back to LA* :oops:
    6. ...*mutters* I will not move all the way across the country for that...I won't, I won't... But that would be -cool-. XD

    7. It would take me an hours drive just to go work there, in traffic? Like two hours, it would be great but I'm too busy with school. ;;

      If only I could have gone to art school in L.A instead but no, dorms were way to much.

    8. Ah, if I lived in the area I'd be all over it.
    9. WHOA! - If only I wasn't braziliaaan T______T
    10. I will actually be looking for a job in LA around that time o.o Though they probably won't pay enough to cover my living expenses ^^;;
    11. LOL I think I might give it a go just to see what happens. :daisy
    12. i must be blind, but um... where is that on their site?
    13. That's probably the only minimum wage job in the country that I wouldn't mind taking :P (but no way I'm moving *back* to CA so soon after I escaped...)
    14. They said they plan on putting the employment info on their website in the future, that they plan on hiring Sept/Oct.

      It's not on the website yet.
    15. I live really close by... And need a job but most of my living expenses are still covered by my parents. It'd be perfect!... Unfortunatly I have almost no experience... I've never worked retail. I've done a few things with customer service and computers but no actual retail... I'm an art person, maybe that'll help... ><
    16. You could try to get a retail job until Volks opens- then submit your application and quit to go work for Volks if you get accepted. :3
      That would atleast give you some experience.
    17. oooohh..this is so tempting! I've got plenty of retail experience (Wal-Mart anyone?) as well as a good deal of office/accounting/behind the scenes type work.

      Wonder what the pay would be?
    18. if only i lived in LA... i've done almost nothing BUT retail for about 8 years.

      i'm curious about what sorts of discounts workers might get too!! *imagines "raises" being dished out in doll parts* :chibi
    19. Unfortunatly that hasn't been working. I've been trying to get a job for a little over a month now. No one in my area wants to hire me because I don't already have a years experience. Well... There are two places that would. But one is a place I couldn't work because I'd probably get sick. and the other one is a bookstore that I'd love to work at if it wern't for the fact that I'd injure multiple co-workers. Course if all else fails I WILL take the bookstore job... But I don't wanna....>< Stupid people I can deal with. Stupid people who I've known outside of work.... That's another thing entierly. I don't like the idea of going in to work every day and getting harrassed then hit on for hours on end. It would distroy the enjoyment I get from bookstores.
    20. Huh? Are you made of spikes? *_*