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"For My Doll" - A New BJD Company

Mar 28, 2007

    1. I got an email from a new BJD company called "For My Doll". Since I have not found any info anywhere on them I thought I'd share! Some of the photos need a little tweeking (they are a bit squished) but their dolls look adorable! They also sell wigs and a lot of other stuff.


      There was questions if they are resin or not but they are handmade resin dolls.
    2. They have a full set "Fairy of Magic" Elisha up on eBay. Personally I don't think her outfit's that exciting.


      Does anyone else think there's something wrong with her feet? The only picture they're in is blurry and they look... weird.
    3. IMO they look like they have been heavily moded after they were cast, something about them says "scam" to me, though I have no evidence to back it up. Hope I'm wrong, I'd love to see a new company grow.
    4. I think there a bits of fake grass in the way making them look weird...Not sure though maybe she only has two big toes!! XD

      I find the sculpts a bit plain for my tastes but I'm sure someone here can take them and make them great. They are a bit of a blank canvas, no really strong features.
    5. Yeah that's what I thought too, so I looked at the website and the only full-length picture has them standing in cotton fluff. That's why I was suspicious :3

      I don't think they're a scam at all, just a new company starting out. I just want to be reassured that she doesn't have lobster feet D:
    6. I e.mailed them before about their weird and wonderful April dolls :...(
      but they have sold out and arnt making them anymore

      the others dont do much for me Im affraid , I wanted one of their tinys :...(
    7. We (Dolls and Friends) asked to see samples of their products and it just came in the mail today. I'll give reports of everything once my delivery girl gets here. It's definatly not a scam and they've been very friendly. We'll see how their dolls and wigs are! I'll take better photos if anybody is interested.
    8. YES!!!!!! I kinda like the way she looks. Diffe3rent, but there's a place for that in my gang.
    9. Little plain for my taste, but cute! Just curious.. are they allowed to say SD and MSD? Since technically that abbreviates another company's term? (I know we all use it, but that's completely different.)
    10. Dude, I've NEVER seen anything with the same name as me before. I would LOVE to see more pictures. <3
    11. Some of the wigs look cute. I'd be interested in the quality.
    12. I will post photos later and a better review but I wanted to say that the wigs were surprisingly awesome! They are very soft and very high quality. Very similar to Leeke in quality. The designs are similar to some Leeke wigs but not the same. I see this with quite a few wig companies, though, so it's not a big deal. They have a ton of beautiful colors available.

      Elisha is much cuter in person. My only real complaint I have so far is that she has trouble sitting but so does some of my friend's petites so it's not unusual. The resin feels nice! I'll post some photos later on. :)
    13. Hmmm... interesting... I didn't like April at first as the first few face ups made her eyes look really "freaky" (quote per my daughter), but further down she looked more 'normal'. Hope they make another one simular!

      Like some of the wigs, too! Will have to keep my eyes on them!
    14. About the feet: She looks like she is wearing elf shoes! X3 Like the ones that come to a point, and curls back up :)