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[For my doll] combination wig (Mohair and wig fiber) pre-order

Oct 14, 2009

    1. Hello. Everyone!!

      For my doll announced pre-order period as follow.

      This item is in Mo-hair category.

      ▶ Item : Combination Wig fiber and Mo-hair
      ▶ Pre-order period : 20, October, 2009 ~ 10, November, 2009
      ▶ Shipping period : The making period is about 25-30 days after pre-order closing.
      ▶ The cancel informations : When you buys a this wig, you should pay for it whithin a 7 days. If not, the order is automatically canceled.
      ▶ Type : Pre - Order WIG

      Thank you so much~!!:D


    2. Are they faux fur, or actual mohair?
    3. Hello. Kiyakotari. ^^

      They are mo-hair(faux fur) + Heat resisting wig fiber.

      The wig on the above head is made by mo-hair(faux fur).

      The wig on the front of head and back of the head is made by heat-resisting wig fiber.

      Thank you so much for your concern.
    4. Do we only get the colour choices listed for the wig fiber or can we choose custom wig fiber colours from your list of colour choices?