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For My Doll/Navid Doll?

Apr 23, 2009

    1. D8 halp plz?
    2. bump!
      also interested in them!
      very cute... looks like no one has got one on here yet?
    3. Hi,

      I'm trying to find out the same thing about these dolls especially Soul dreaming eye doll. I found him way to cute for words. I also was wondering if anyone purchased from this site "For my doll"?

      If so, how are they?

      Let me know

      Thank you in advance
    4. I'm bumping this because I'm interested in knowing if anyone has purchased a Navid Doll yet. I'm interested in the Raul and wanted to see some factory faceups since the one on the model is so badly painted.
    5. Like I wrote in the other Navid Doll treat, I purchased Raul yesterday and I am now waiting for his arrival ^^
      I may post a box opening when he is home. ...gah I am nervous xD