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For ppl who ordered HOUND through dollmore

Jul 4, 2005

    1. Message from Jeemon:

      hi~ customer ^_^

      have you been well?

      nothing but, shipping of Hound will be went out on the last next week.
      becase Hound made by Dollshe is being improved for standing and joints.
      but even then Hound will be shipped on the last next week at least.
      so sorry to be late.

      have a great day~!!


      So.. apparently Hound's joints are being improved?? WOOF I can't wait for him to get here
    2. Interesting...I'm wondering if they are making the 'notch' in the hip area better....I've always thought they needed the hip piece to go up into the torso more so he wouldn't 'flip' around at the waist. That would be a big help! The legs I thought were pretty good already, but if more improvements are there, I say good for Dollshe! :D