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For The Love Of BJD Companies

Apr 14, 2010

    1. Yes, indeedy! :D I was talking to friends on another forum about this just recently! I'll copy-and-paste what I said from there:

      I have never been so pleased to be a consumer than I am right now. :( I am literally crying with gratitude and joy. To start from the beginning; I am a ball-jointed doll lover.

      I run across these adorable little white mary-jane style shoes that just make me "Mawww!" at their cuteness at first glance. And second glance, and third and so on. But there is a problem, oh yes, isn't there always when there's something you really, really want? I try to add two to my cart for my little twin girl dolls that I am going to get, so they can match. Because what's cuter than twins in semi-matching outfits? Nothing, except maybe a basket of puppies with kittens on top. But cursed be I, there is only one single pair left in stock. The very last pair, ever. Stare at the screen in shock. Shake. Scream. Sob. But something comes to mind. An email I wrote this company a few months ago, where they asked if I ever needed anything to please write them again.

      Well, I have convinced myself I need these doll shoes and will never get over this feeling of remorse should I not get them. (Over dramatic girl is being over dramatic, hurr) I email them again, asking about the shoes. Maybe they have an extra in the back? In their factory in another country? A partly damaged returned one? Just some way to get two! They reply. The angelic message I never thought I'd see.

      "Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter. Although there is only one pair of those shoes left on our website we do have one more pair in our museum in Japan. We will contact our headquarters in Japan and have them remove the second pair from the doll it is on in the museum and have them ship it to our U.S. store. Please place your order and include the one pair. When you do, please leave a comment in the comment box asking us to add the pair we are holding for you. Please also let us know your full name by email so that we may verify the order. When we receive the order we will add the second pair of shoes manually before processing and shipping it. Thank you for continuing to support and believe in us, and for the continuously unwavering love you give the children we make. We are all so very happy they are with someone who loves them truly. Please let us know should you need anything else."

      This is a perfect example of why I love these guys so much! Do you know any other company who would go to the lengths of removing an item from their museum in Japan, with no extra cost to you, just so you could get exactly what you wanted so badly? I don't. Any other company I know of would just be like, "That's the last one, take it or leave it." I'm so proud to be a customer of theirs. It is these small little acts of consideration that keep me ever loyal to them. :( The company, you may ask? It's Volks. :aheartbea And the shoes just arrived today, a few hours ago! :) They're so precious, I just adore Volks and their dolls/items!
    2. Oh My Gosh. . .
      I can't believe how amazing that is !
      BJD companies are the best ~
      *Total High-five moment*
    3. Most companies' I've dealt with have been so lovely and generous with their extra gifts or other things ^^ It's inspired me to always throw in a free gift with things I sell here :3

      Akieldama: That was incredibly sweet of them :D

      Rikka_Mika: omg that is so wonderfully amazing :D I knew many bjd companies I've dealt with have been so gracious and generous in one form or another (like freebies and gifts etc.), but that is like.. almost fairytale amazing XD I never can name a company that would do that either as far as I know, unless they want you to pay an arm and a leg for the extra one. I can imagine you emailing them back singing praises to them lol That was incredibly generous of them.
    4. Yes *_*
      When I bought my Kaoru (TinyFairy Tommy boy), he wasn't in stock on Bluefairy site; my birthday is in March and at January I wrote for have information about his restock. They responded me that, in any case, they will save one Tommy boy for me, so I could but him for my birthday.
      I was so happy! And, when I wrote them at the end of February, they really have a Tommy boy for me and I received him for my birthday... and not only this! During shipping, three fingers of right's hands broke and, when I wrote about the possibility to buy another hand, they was so kind! Indeed I have received the new hand without paying anything, because they saying that this was a gift for my birthday from them :aheartbea
    5. Aw - Thanks guys !
      These stories just add to the happiness of the kindness I received.
    6. Aww, these stories are so sweet!

      Rikka_Mika, I am terribly curious which pair of shoes you were so desperate for! n_n
    7. What a nice thread and what lovely experiences you've all had!!
      I wish I had a similar story, maybe one day. Unfortunately my
      company story involves Soom where I received faulty parts and it took
      around 8 e-mails and 4 posts in Q&A to convince them that I wasn't
      wrong or lying (I guess) and say I could send the parts back. It's been
      over 2 weeks since they received my doll parts for "inspection" and in total
      I've been waiting for my doll to be complete and as she was intended to be
      for well over a month. So, no happy story here. But I'm still hoping for a happy
    8. Well I hope you get a happy ending for it ~
    9. http://www.volksusa.com/sbysd006.html
      Those ones. :) My girls whole wardrobes were focused around getting these little white shoes. I am really obsessive about not having white shoes with black soles, which is what most companies seem to do. The contrast between the black and white really bothers me. White mary-janes without black soles are very hard to come by, specially high quality ones. When I decided to get YoSD twins I knew I had to have these.

      My friends were saying, "Wow! You have the museum's shoes! Who else can say that? :lol:".
    10. Thank you :D I hope more people post their great
      company stories!!
    11. I have a couple of stories like this, actually!

      I used to have a DiM boy that I had gotten second hand, from someone who had gotten him second hand, from someone who had gotten him second hand... etc. So of course, I had no DiM account or record of his purchase. Well, one day, while changing him, his hand fell off - and I lost the wrist part!

      I emailed DiM, thinking it was the longest shot in the world, asking if there was ANY way I could get a new wrist part... and they said, "Sure, have one for free!" and sent me the new part right away! I was SO relieved! (Although I found the wrist part about two months later, when I went to put someone else into that outfit... it was stuck in the sleeve!)

      My other story is from several years ago, when one of my friends wanted to get an Apollo head from Bobobie. She didn't want the whole doll, just his head, but at that point, they weren't available on the website to buy separately. So I emailed and asked if there was any way that heads could be purchased separately, since I wanted to buy it for my friend's birthday. They not only allowed me to buy the head separately, but shortly thereafter, the heads became available on the website - and they had charged me less than the actual selling price! I have been a VERY loyal Bobobie customer ever since.
    12. Aw !
      And here I've never liked Bobobies ~
      But I also want the Apollo head - it is very very attractive.
    13. These stories are so cute. One of the reasons I'm enjoying this hobby so much is how nice the companies generally are.

      Akeildama, that birthday card is adorable, and so thoughtful.
      Rikka_Mika, those shoes are really cute. I'm glad you got both pairs!
    14. Akieldama happy birthday and what a lovely card :) Coco Tribe Ruby is one of my favourite anthros :D

      Rikka_Mika, that's a very sweet story. I can't believe Volks sent you shoes from their museum, it's so nice of them and I'm sure it feels extra special when your girls wear their matching shoes now!

      There's some lovely stories in this thread :) I don't have anything outstanding to share yet!
    15. I recently ordered an outfit for my first doll ever from Blue Blood Dolls. If you didn't know if you buy over fifty dollars with of stuff from them you get a free item, either a wig or a pair of eyes. I only ordered an outfit for $45 but the shipping was an extra five bucks. I didn't think it would work, but my friend emailed them to ask just to be sure. They said that since I was a first time customer I could have them even though the shipping usually doesn't count. It was such a nice surprise since I was thinking it would be a long time before I ordered him some eyes. ~Plus she shipped everything within eight hours of my ordering. ^_^
    16. Yes! Alice in Labyrinth - twice - has surprised me. They are so gracious and when I had a trouble with a face-up they offered to refund the face-up and shipping which allowed me to send the head to a professional artist to have the face repaired. i was so very grateful.
    17. Aw these stories almost bring tears in my eyes :D This is one more reason to love this hobby. There are not many companies doing their job with such love as BJD companies. They are so kind and pleasant, always great to deal with:D
    18. aww this is such a nice thread. i have nothing to really share though I'd love a little extra something for my birthday...I was born Christmas Day and everyone is to busy around that time *sigh* the joy of being a Christmas baby...
    19. Thank you guys !
      And I'm glad you like this thread ~
      It makes me happy.