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For the Love of Old-School

Apr 22, 2018

    1. A lot has changed since Volks created their first doll. Not only are there too many companies to count, but there has been a significant shift in aesthetics. Dolls created today have more realistic proportions and faces, and are less doll-like overall. I only realized just how much it has changed, when I went to a meet-up and saw old sculpts and recently created ones standing next to each other. It was like they were two different genres!

      As much as I admire the new sculpts that come out, I'm still completely smitten by the old-school charm. So much so that all my non-tiny dolls were first released before 2009.
      I can't be the only one, right? Who else adores the funky bobble-heads? What makes you want to own them? And would you trade away your doll if an updated version came out? (I'm purely talking about looks, not function ;)).

      Let us celebrate!
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    2. I bought a Dream of Doll Leya just out of nostalgia (I didn't have bjds back in the days, but always wanted to have one) and she is completly diffrrent from the rest of my doll crew and my future doll plans, I think I'm just gonna get her appart from the other dolls
      #2 Ilzar, Apr 22, 2018
      Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
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    3. I am also very nostalgic toward the older sculpts. I took a ten year hiatus from the hobby and returned to see all the new faces, sculpts, and companies, but I can't help but to constantly search for and look for older sculpts to bring home. I recently purchased a Volks Kun secondhand because of that nostalgia!
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    4. @Ilzar Leya is such a beautiful sculpt! :D

      I like the looks and sculpts of most older dolls more than the modern realistic looking dolls. But when it comes to the body, I do prefer the more realistic ones which have the right proportions (like no extremely long legs or arms).
      Especially the older volks sculpts from ~ 2010 and before that date are gorgeous! Recently I purchased a SDgr Okita Soji from 2010 and his sculpt is just perfect! Minoru Kamimura and Toshizō Hijikata are also one of my favorites.
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    5. @Ilzar: Oh yes, Leya. Now that's a blast from the past :).

      @kirai: Even though I haven't been on hiatus, my collection is quickly turning into a doll-museum XD.

      @Ayanami: I'm the same. Which is why all my dolls are hybrids. Many of my dolls sport (old) dollstown bodies, because it looks better proportion wise and the sculpting is a bit more realistic. My Williams is on an old Supergem body. I could've gone for an SD17 body, because I prefer a less muscular body (and it makes him look broad shouldered) ;).
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    6. OMG, Silk, you have a Seimei!! :abow:

      I agree completely -- I have an eclectic collection of all sizes and ages, but it's tilted heavily toward the good old 60cm bobble aesthetic. (Original Customhouse 4EVAH!!) I don't consider newer dolls a trade-up; they're different from the older ones, but not better.
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    7. I do :D. And I'm ridiculously happy about it, even though most people in the hobby probably haven't got the faintest who he is XD.

      And man... old Customhouse. Choa was a love of mine for years, together with Souldoll Tiffee.
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    8. yaaaaasss. Most of my collection is over 10 years old now. My heart lies with the old CP Delfs. I miss them so much. :(
      #8 Adalaire, Apr 22, 2018
      Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
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    9. i'm one of you :) tbh very realistic dolls were never my cup of tea. i'm fond of big heads, eyes and that special dolly look. Love sd10 chubby bodies, and miss old delfs.
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    10. I am another fan of the older Delfs and Kid Delfs. I never really got into either the new Luts dolls or into Fairyland. I keep finding myself hunting down the older sculpts I missed out on rather than getting new dolls.
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    11. I'm not a fan of old school dolls, neither of too realistic ones. You didn't mention it but nowadays the trend is mainly disproportionate bodies I think (with large hips or heads for exemple). That's what I prefer :) The older ones seem inexpressive to me. I like dolls with a bit of fantasy in it (the fact I started with Pullip first is surely a reason, as they have a huge head). I hope you won't hate me for this :(
    12. I still own Lishe, Choa, Soah and Ryung and Liz from way back then. I own a nyid Nancy and a Sid Isabel, and while they are beautiful I would never part with my old girls I sold them once and had to buy them all again.
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    13. Mostly, I prefer the more realistic styles of newer sculpts, but my first doll was an Angel of Dream Chen instock at JunkSpot, made in July 2007, and I bought him in April 2008. Ten years later, he's still hanging around here, though he doesn't fit with any of the others now. He's not as bobble-headed, anime-inspired or wide eyed as a lot of the early dolls (Volks, CP Delf, Dream of Doll, early DollZone, etc), but he still has that older look to me. His sculpt has been updated at least twice since mine was cast, and I'd never update him, as honestly, I think the newer versions of Chen are much less interesting and kind of blend in with a lot of their other sculpts. Original Chen had much more defined lips and nose, and his body posed better than their newer versions, and had better sculpting IMO.

      Here's Amir, who is turning 11 soon:
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    14. Yesss!
      I'm SO into the nostalgic dolls! I was early high school when I got into bjds. So that was about 12 years ago. I'm now getting ALL the dolls that I pined for at that time.
      I recently bought a Delf Vampire Shiwoo with modded open eyes off of Ebay. I know there are recasts of this doll, BUT this one was spot on to my other normal Delf Shiwoo. Oh, and he was white skinned but is now has a lovely green under tone. :XD: He's legit.
      I feel like I'm searching for all of the old school ones I wanted verses buying new ones (excluding tinies, they're pretty much all new)
      I'm still hoping to get my hands on a tan CP Shiwoo, but I'm not thinking that'll be anytime soon.
      So yes. Delfs are my addiction, plus old Dollzone's. :sweat
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    15. I love a lot of styles, but I definitely have a weakness for oldschool. The old Luts or Volks dolls are real classics now. I also own a Souldoll kid from 2007 when MSDs looked more child-like.
      I also feel my collection is turning into a doll museum. About half of my dolls are more than ten years old. When some new BJD collectors visit me, they hardly ever recognize the molds. It makes me feel a little sad to realize that people don't know Customhouse, K-Doll or Elfdoll anymore.
      Maybe I'm nostalgic, but sometimes I want to adopt all the "oldies" from the MP … ;)
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    16. I love old school Volks and have a few, including 4sisters SD10 and SD13, a Kohya, an Isao, Madoka, etc. I also have a Souldoll Paris who is exquisite in all his yellowed glory. I do like a lot of the new companies and realistic sculpts, but my preference is for the older dolls. I'm not sure if it's because that's what was around when I started the hobby around 2005? They are my babies:)
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    17. I have both older and newer dolls in my crew, but the majority are definitely closer to the "Old School" look, no matter what their age. About as close to Realistic as I typically venture is that middle-ground between the two styles occupied by companies like Soom and IpleHouse. (So, yes, more realistic than a Delf or a classic Volks sculpt. But not so much so that the doll becomes a poster-child for the Uncanny Valley.)

      My Granado V-07 is the one exception, and honestly, he's really pushing the line in terms of how much realism I'm willing to accept in a sculpt. I would never buy another doll that looks like he does... but I tolerate that level of realism in him because he makes a great Nemissary otherwise.
      #17 Brightfires, Apr 22, 2018
      Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
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    18. I just recently described my own tastes as leaning more "old school;" I'm a huge fan of that stylized, not-quite-anime-but-definitely-not-realistic look that a lot of the older companies and sculpts have, and while I do have dolls from newer companies, they all generally fall into that same stylized look, with the most realistic sculpt being my WithDoll boy. (He's gorgeous, and he's not so far into the realistic look that he doesn't look good with my other dolls.)

      It makes me feel a little out of place watching some of the current CP/FairyLand discussions, with people raving over the newer sculpts while I want to see the older ones brought back out of retirement! Give me a new F60 Shiwoo and El to go with my classic Delf ones!
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    19. I definitely prefer the "old school" Volks sculpts to the newer ones! Sadly I only recently (within the past three years) joined the hobby so my access and experience with older sculpts is limited. My first doll was a Resinsoul Mei, whose sculpt was released in 2008, and I find myself preferring her large head-to-body ratio over the more common and more realistic proportions of my other doll.
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    20. While I can admire a lot of the newer more realistic looking sculpts, I still prefer (and adore) the older more stylized sculpts. Could explain why my collection is mostly volks and fairyland :lol:
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