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For Those DZ Mo-2 Owners Out There

Nov 26, 2008

    1. I was curious about Mo-2 and the owner's opinions.

      I'm anxiously awaiting his arrival and still haven't been able to figure out a name for him, and a style for him.

      I ordered a pair of shoes from Mimiwoo and they said MSD size, I was curious if they will fit? I've heard people say that even though it may say MSD they may actually be too small/large.

      Also I was curious about DollZone eye putty. I've heard it's kind of icky...

      But here's my main question.

      Has the Mo-2 for other owners been a good investment? :?
    2. i'm also waiting for my dz mo-2 as well. i'm super excited! when i saw him, i nearly fell out of my chair!! yeah, so i have no idea about anything. sorry...
    3. i love my mo-2:aheartbea. he's such a lovely sculpt and i'm so happy to have him.

      you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting clothes that fit. both he and my minifee b body wear the same clothes. though pants are a little bit tighter on him, they still fit. i also have a pair of mimiwoo shoes that he wears a lot. his feet are a little on the large size but with a little patience they do slip on.

      for eye putty, i always change it in all of my dolls. for my understanding, a lot of doll companies (not just doll zone) use polymer clay. using the stuff a lot in the past i found that it does not mix well with plastics. i don't think it would do much damage to the doll (or at least in the short term not sure about long term though) but i don't think it's good for acrylic eyes.

      congrats to your new boy:D. i'm sure your going to love him when he gets there.
    4. Oh thanks so much for the helpful information! Hehe I cant wait until he gets here! :D
    5. I have a Dollzone Mo and I love him.

      I have been using the eye putty that he came with, it doesn't bother me at all.

      As for clothes, his legs are pretty long so I stick with pants that have tapered legs (like skinny jeans) so they don't look too short on him.
    6. I'lll keep the skinny jeans note on my mind :o Thanks a bunch
    7. I also love my Mo-2 very much and he's a lovely doll with his pointy nose and hafl closed eyes.

      Minifee boots (by Luts) fit him nicely, since his feet are only 5,5 cm long. I also have a pair of Luts Kid Delf shoes and they fit also. I believe that all MSD shoes with the inner lenght of 6 cm will fit nicely.

      I've got a Dollmore shirt, a bith tight on the shoulders but otherwise quite nice fit. But the majority of his clothes are handmade, so no idea of how most of the MSD clothes might fit.
    8. can anyone help me with measurements? i need knee-to-ankle and just below knee measurements
    9. If I am understanding what you need correctly, the knee-to-ankle measurement is about 11.5 cm. I am assuming just below knee measurement is from below the knee to the bottom of the feet. That measurement is about 13 cm.
    10. I'm a previous Mo owner. I bought mine at the beging of the year, and just adored him. :D I had a lot of troubles making him stand though, and one knee didn't want to fit nicly in the socket. I tried hot glue suede, and that was too bulky. I had to take it off.

      I recomending wireing him. :) It does wonders. Fitting pants weren't easy for me. I could never get Jame's pant pattern to fit him either. :(

      But he was my most darling naked doll... that liked to threaten me because I dress him like a girl once. Hahaha....

      BTW: I've had Polymer clay melt some of my good arcylic eyes. I go to an Office Store and find some white Ticy Tac to use. It double as a wig stopper!