Preorder [Forever Virginia] New Doll 27cm "Bee" Preorder March 1-15!

Mar 1, 2021

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      Hello, this is Forever Virginia. <3

      I am happy to share with you my latest doll - Bee!
      Bee is my "Lolli" size which is 27cm tall and shares clothing with most yosd sized dolls. I also make cute clothing collections for my dolls too. ^.^

      Bee can be ordered 3 ways (layaway IS available!)
      BLANK (bald, nude, no eyes)
      ARTIST FACEUP (hand-painted by me)
      ARTIST CHOICE FULLSET (dressed in my own vision including wig and shoes)

      You can see all the Lolli size measurements here:
      "Lolli" Size Dolls

      Bee can be ordered here via my secure website in FAIR or SUNKISSED color:
      Forever Virginia - Sweetly Handmade for Dolls


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