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Forgotten dolls...

Nov 4, 2017

    1. I was having a good clear out in my room and found a CoA for a Migidoll. I thought it was for Ryu, but on opening it, it was for YuJin. I went looking in my box of doll stuff, and found YuJin in his box and everything, logged into my Migidoll account and the order was there. I had literally just forgotten I bought him. XD

      Anyone else ever had something like this happen?!
    2. Oooh poor boy lol
      No, it never happened to me ... I hope it'll be able to forgive you :P
    3. Haha wow I think I would never be able to forget a purchase of this amount :lol:
      Were you happy to find him like "Oh great I have plenty of things to do with him'' or more like ''Oh ok but what will I do with him now...?" ?
    4. All my dolls are sitting on the shelf next to me as I type, so if I forgot one of them...I would be super worried about my memory. xD;;
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    5. Something like this has happened to me once. I bought a head second hand and packed him away so he wouldn't yellow while I searched for a body. Well, a bunch of stuff happened, including a hospital visit, and I completely forgot about the head. For over a year. While I was cleaning out my doll stuff, I found him. I'm pretty happy that I did because he was a limited head, perfect for the character, \ and I'm really not sure I could find another one.
    6. Yes, with any luck!

      Well, I've forgotten what I intended for him but he's a really nice sculpt, so I', sure I'll think of something to do with him. ^_^ I was actually happy because I've got something to make into a new project!

      Yeah... XD

      That's similar to my story. I must've put him aside and then life got hectic. Pretty cool to not only find a head but a limited head!
    7. It's fun to see this topic because forgotten dolls are something I find myself dreaming about somewhat frequently, but it's never actually happened to me. There are no surprises when I look into my doll boxes or floating heads container. :XD:
    8. Not doll, but it happens with accessories shoes and wigs. I need to update my brain once in a while by opening my containers and remembering all the yummy things I have. I'm due for an update now because of moving house a year ago and many of my doll things still not looked at! the dolls are calling to get dressed :-)
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    9. I suppose I semi-forgot about one of my MNM heads for a while... I got him before my long hiatus, got a body for him, and just hated how he looked on that body. So I took him off it, packed the head away carefully, packed the body away separately, and then just kind of forgot they were there, since they weren't on display with the rest of my dolls.

      When I moved toward the end of the hiatus, I had to pack up everything, and that's when I found his parts again and decided that yes, I did actually still want to make this doll, so he also pulled me back out of the hobby. (And is now back to being a head packed in a box, because I fully reshelled him in the process, and my cats are too crazy to make me feel confident about putting the bust display out anywhere.)
    10. Ahahaha I think that only will happen when you have many dolls. But sometime it's a good surprise isn't it?
    11. I’m genuinely curious how people can legitimately forget they’ve bought something that expensive and also forget that they currently have it in their possession
    12. I never thought I could forget about a doll I bought. Ever. I mean, they're a lot of money and not exactly easy for me to get. So I was SUPER shocked when I was reading through my Feedback thread one day and realized I had sold a DiM Jullis head something like six or seven years ago. I just sat there thinking...'When the HECK did I buy a Jullis head???'

      Funny thing, last year I went ahead and bought a Jullis head from DiM when they were having their discontinuation event. I guess I liked that little cutie more than I thought ;)
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    13. I bought YuJin as just a head, so he was not that much. Also, I kinda have a box full of floating heads so... With regards to losing him: I've been a toy collector for many years. I have a lot of stuff, and not all of it on display. YuJin is far from the most expensive! I've also been unwell, working a lot, buying a house and starting a master's degree this year. I've had a lot of other things to think about, and my memory isn't fantastic at the best of times! :whee:

      Twins? XD
      #13 Spuggey, Nov 4, 2017
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    14. That sounds fun! must feel like getting a new doll all over again xD

      I don't have that many dolls so I know exactly where all of them are- heads, hands and all. I couldn't say the same thing for clothes though! I always get pleasantly surprised going through my doll clothes xD
    15. For me, it was a combination of "out of sight, out of mind" and just being out of the hobby for a couple of years. When I pulled him out of the drawer, it wasn't a matter of "When did I get this?" as much as "Oh right, this was a thing I had planned to do..."

      If I hadn't been hiatused from all doll stuff for that time, I probably would have kept working on him, but on the other hand, I think it's better I let him sit for a while, because I love how he turned out.
    16. I've never forgotten a doll or a head like that... but I did end up with two of the same DollHeart outfit once-upon-a-time. I'd completely forgotten about buying it, and didn't realize I even had two until I was sorting outfits right after the second one arrived and found the first. I ended up gifting the duplicate to a friend. :lol:
    17. I'm sort of in the same boat. While I'd LOVE to randomly find a doll I didn't know I owned, I'm so obsessive about organization of everything in my life that I'm always keeping records, writing out character sheets, doing faceups and buying eyes/wigs/clothes immediately upon planning a doll, I don't think I could forget I had one. I also go through my entire house every 2-3 months and sell or donate things I don't use regularly, so there's not really anywhere in my house a doll could be just hanging out without me knowing it. For someone like me, I think it would be impossible to forget I have a doll. Even as a small child, I had a notebook of my toys' names and basic info. :XD:

      But I feel like that's probably not the norm, and for people who have more storage space than me, and a lot more collections or hobbies, maybe it would be harder to keep track of every single thing you own. For example, my mom has an entire library of books and movies in her basement, and she has to keep lists of what she owns, or she'll sometimes accidentally buy multiple copies because she forgot she already had them.

      So, while it's highly unlikely that will ever happen to me....I'd still love to find a surprise doll in my closet! :lol:
    18. That's how it was for me too. I stepped out of the hobby for a while and had all of my dolls packed up in boxes. I didn't forget owning any, but I did forget that one of my Pipos rabbits was in gray resin and not white. :XD: Opening that box back up was a lightbulb moment.
    19. I don't forget that I bought a doll, but I do sometimes wonder why I bought it. :sweat
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    20. I've opened my doll drawer and found a floating head that I had no recollection of buying.