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Form, Function, or Both?

Sep 13, 2016

  1. Form- visual appearance

  2. Function-creative purpose

  3. Both Form and Function

Multiple votes are allowed.
    1. Which is your preference? For me it is both, even when I thought I would mostly buy dolls to
      expand on my creativity and customize every one (function) I also discovered that I enjoy certain dolls just for their (form) physical appearance and I wouldn't want to change a single thing about them.
      What about you?
    2. I voted for form, because most of my collection does have company faceups, and mostly bought clothing. I do sew and craft wigs but I will not shy away from buying more scale-accurate items already made. Also when I read Form vs. Function, I thought this was going to be about joint aesthetics over posing ability! Of which I do tend to stick with form over function. However I don't think I could live without my double jointed elbows, even if those look a little blocky. But I will definitely need very nice legs/knees. My Crobidoll Hami I just received has really weird posing quirks, but she's SO cute all over I will gladly learn to handle her over picking a different doll for her character. Her sculpting is so perfect to me <3
    3. for me the dolls ive purchased have been because of their form. Each sculpt ive chosen has been because I liked the look of it. it didn't matter to me if it was single or double jointed or anything else. it was all in the look of it
    4. If I had to choose one, I would have to say form. The aesthetics of a doll are what attracts me to them in the first place, so I would probably rank form over functionality.
    5. even if a doll is useless at posing, if I love the sculpt I love the doll - so I vote form :3nodding:
    6. I put form though the way it's worded in the OP is a little confusing. I would rather pick a doll that is beautifully sculpted but doesn't pose well than a doll that is plainly sculpted (or even ugly?) and super poseable. I do customize every doll I have, some to more extreme degrees than others but I consider customization to also be a part of "form" so I don't know :blush
    7. I had t say form though it was a toughie. Function is always good especially with what I like to do and make but I have to admit a doll grabs me on a visceral level and that is the hook even if I couldn't come up with a single thing to make for it! [well, maybe that is going t an extreme but there is something that catches me in it's beauty or tale]
    8. Form. I don't do much with my dolls. They're mostly there to look pretty. I much prefer the lines and aesthetics of single joint bodies. Even if they're going to sit around clothed all the time.

      I've knocked dolls off my wishlist because I've found owner pictures or newer company pictures that show me something I find off about the body or proportions. Too blocky, too straight, the hands aren't right...Hands are important to me. Feet too.

      And as much as I love a head, it means squat if I can't find a suitable visibly pleasing body that matches. And finding information for hybrids can be a pain in the butt. If I can't find information on resin matching then I'm not going to even bother purchasing the head. I do not have the skills or space needed to airbrush or blush a body.
    9. It's both for me. I choose dolls based on aesthetics, but I'm happiest when I'm working on projects with them, even if that's just a giant photo project.
    10. I went with function. Really, it's both, but regardless of a doll's beauty, if it doesn't fit my character and it can't do basic poses, I don't want it. I do my own faceups most of the time, and do a lot of sewing as well, so company faceups or fullsets don't appeal to me either. I use the doll as a canvas for my painting, a model for my sewing, a subject for my photography and a 3D avatar for my written characters. Sometimes, I don't even want my character to be "beautiful", sometimes they should be plain or even a little less than attractive.

      I do like pretty bodies, and if the proportions are all wrong or it's blocky or clunky, I won't buy it most of the time. Still, I'd rather sacrifice a little on the body visually than have a gorgeous doll that can't stand, sit or touch its face.
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    11. I'm a collector, not a crafter or an artist... So it's all about Form for me.