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Forum loneliness because of rarer dolls

Aug 18, 2011

    1. As always, feel free to move this if it's not okay/been done. :)

      I got my first doll yesterday, and I love her to bits! Only problem is, being a Nabiya, Im is hard to post about. There are very few around, and the Garden of Dolls mini thread is pretty dead.

      This forum is so big, with so many members, it's easy to find yourself lost in the shuffle. I love to stalk some of the specific-to-size-and-company threads in the forum, and they seem to be little miniature communities, where everyone knows each other and their dolls! I would love to have that for my girl, but there just aren't enough dolls from her company around. Her body's Resinsoul, so I could hijack the BBB/RS thread if I just took pictures of her body (lol), but that's no fun. :P

      Have you ever felt like me, lonely on the forums because you can't really be part of a specific thread-community? Is there a way to fix it? Maybe we could make our own community of under-loved sculpts!
    2. I have several not-so-popular dolls, some of them hybrids, and it is difficult to find someone to chat with. I usually go with the thread belonging to the head and just jump in. It takes a little while to make friends in threads, especially if they have been going on for a while, but don't let that discourage you. Everyone was new once. If you have questions, just ask, and if no one answers, try again later. I try not to take things personally in chat threads. People are busy with jobs, their children, and other real life issues, so the threads may move slowly, but eventually, someone will be there. I have one doll that doesn't even have a thread because so few were bought, so I just make gallery threads for her.
    3. Not really. I spend more time in the meet-up chat thread for my state.

      Even though there aren't very many of my favorite resin brat on the forum (LoongSoul Emily) I know there are plenty of places where I can go to show off pics and just gush about her in general. And most people in the threads will just get all gooey and squee right along with you.
    4. She's a hybrid right? Post about her in the bobobie/resinsoul thread. It's very active and for as far as I know it's allowed.
      I also have a doll I can't really share in chat topics, because it's also very dead, but I just post in the gallery and see what happens xD
      And it was a lot of fun to talk about her at a meetup.
    5. I wouldn't call it loneliness, but I do often have trouble not finding info on dolls I like because they are too rare... I just try to make sure I post pictures/ measurements so others won't have such trouble :p
    6. I have a rarer doll, and the relevant discussion thread is dead as a doornail! In fact, I don't take part much in doll discussion threads because I own mostly secondhand sculpts whose threads have long since died. You might try getting to know people through the age-related discussion threads. If I remember correctly, you're only allowed one photo per post there, and most posts should really be text. You can also post photos of your doll in some of the bjd games threads. If you haven't been in to the games subforum, it might be worth your while going and having a look.
    7. I have a Soom Super Gem basic. There is no general discussion thread for Super Gems, only MDs. And even if there was a thread for SG basics, I'd suspect it'd be pretty dead and thus pointless to start one.
    8. I have a Nabi Kiss, and really want to share her, and my plans for her...but her thread is even MORE dead than the Nabiya thread! So I post her in the Nabiya thread, or try to. It IS a really slow, nearly dead thread. I agree with Snow...so long as the mods don't have any issues with it, with her being a hybrid, come on over to the BBB/RS mini thread! We love new people, and I'm sure you'd be welcomed! And besides...GoD dolls are CAST by BBB...or else we could try to revive the Nabi thread all on our own...it might work.
    9. I have several rare dolls. My Hyper Omicron had maybe 10 made, my Kanon Yui is the same way. Even the less rare ones are ones nobody wants to chat about, Musedoll Reche, Mecha Angels, old Custom House. Other than my Volks dolls there is no active thread for the rest of my dolls. Or the chats stay focused on the girl dolls and not so much the boys.

      I can't say it bothers me much. Most of these active threads are based on what is ~hot~ in the market right now and for the most part those are not the kind of dolls I'm drawn to. And if I am not actively trying to keep a chat thread afloat for one of my odd dolls I can't assume anyone else will either. It's up to you (general you) to keep it going and try to get like minded owners involved.

      And it's true there are other ways to stay involved. Play in the Games section, post in the Gallery, chat in the age related chat threads, help people in Picture Requests, offer you sculpt as a possibility in Visual Concepts. There are many ways to feel involved and build up your community.

      (and really I couldn't talk about my Kanon Yui in a Volks thread just because he's on a Volks body - it doesn't work that way)
    10. I have at least one rarer doll and 1 OT (with another coming) that I can't really do anything with on here. I still play with them, draw them, dress them, and talk with people about them... just not here.

      There are lots of things you can still do even if the company chat is slow, and also this is one tiny corner of the web, I don't know anything about Nabiya but do they have a site forum?
    11. This is pretty much how I feel exactly. I have a few dolls with very active discussion threads, but sadly the ones I would really love to chat about hardly anyone else owns. :\
      It's ok though, I can talk enough about them myself XD

      I have some of the discussion threads saved but I don't frequent them much, I tend to go in there when I want something, like measurements or eye/wig issues or comparisons. ....that reminds me, I was going to visit the KDF thread today....
    12. Would discussion threads based on the dolls style rather than sculpt (eg Lolita, Decora...) be too much like OT roleplay chat, do you think?
    13. Discussion threads for different fashion styles would be fine, but please remember that it does have to be about the physical dolls, rather than their characters - and when recommending places to shop, remember not to promote your (general you) own work ;) Moderators don't enjoy suspending anyone from the Marketplace.

      Pictures would not be allowed in General Discussion either, so if members would like to share pictures of their Lolita, Decora, Goth... dolls, a discussion free 'sister-thread' in the Picture Requests subforum would have to be started too :)

      I would love to see a thread for cross-dressing girls and discussing how to find male clothing that fits female bodies well - I had a drag king doll and it was a lot of trial and error to find good male clothing that fit her well, rather than made her look as if she was wearing her big brother's clothes!

      Pinkandyellow hopefully members have given you some good ideas where else you could participate in the forum with your doll. Lots of members find that swaps help them get to know other members a lot better - you might want to have a look in the Marketplace Swaps subforum to see if there are any swaps open that appeal to you personally or are specifically for BBB/Resinsoul girls?
    14. I feel the same way because I actually have yet to own a doll, so many threads are based around "Your doll", so I feel like I can't respond to things of the such.:(
    15. Girls Dressed As Boys
    16. Thanks for the link Zagzagael. I wouldn't want to start a discussion going in that thread though.
    17. I can understand this feeling. Aside from my DoCs many of my dolls don't seem particularly popular. The DiM Happy thread has been picking up a bit lately which is nice, but as for the 60cms those threads are updated rarely. Although I own a Bellose and the Bellose/Kassia thread is sometimes updated, I would prefer to post in the general DiM Love thread as my Bellose is a boy and it would be fun to see other male DiM dolls along with just those two girls. Likewise the Little Monica threads also seem largely focused around the females.

      I don't even bother searching for discussions on some companies such as Elysium as their dolls are far and few between and I'm still looking for anyone else who owns a Jamie.
    18. I know exactly how you feel. I ordered a DollnDoll King Lucian and am spending the wait all alone because the DollnDoll waiting room thread is utterly dead TnT. Plus there's not much interest in the Discussion thread either. Hopefully more people will come.
    19. I'm saving for a Dreaming Doll, and I can't find them ANYWHERE on the forums. It's sad because I'd like to talk to current owners about delivery times and stringing/posability issues.
    20. Sometimes I wish I could find more pictures of the dolls I like, but I do not feel lonely. I am mostly only interested in discussing specific sculpts for the sake of finding clothing. If I want to talk to other doll people purely for the fun of it, I would rather do it in person and look at dolls that I would not actually want to own but still think are pretty or interesting.
      On that note, maybe I would actually enjoy a "Under-loved Doll" thread because most of the dolls would be ones I don't have and don't want to have but would enjoy seeing and asking questions about.