Limited Items [FOVEO] Black Label - no.01 Gella.B Released

May 15, 2018

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      Black Label โ€“ Face up Head category's 'First Head, Gella.B has been released :)

      It is a category designed to meet a lot of face-up of FOVEO,
      and it is limited to only one head.

      I hope you give this girl a lot of love.
      And, please watch the products to be released in this category in the future.

      1 head limited worldwide
      Sales date: May 17th (Thu) 21:00
      Korean standard time

      Thank you. ^^

      E-Mail: [email protected]
      Twitter: @foveo_samieru
      Instagram: foveo_samieru
      Facebook: _FOVEO

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