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Foveo Discussion

Mar 6, 2016

    1. I haven't seen anyone start a discussion for this artist's sculpts yet so I suppose I will ;v;

      FOVEO : 네이버 블로그

      Head size: 8.5 inch
      Eye size: 16mm
      Compatible size: 60cm & 65cm boy body
      Resin colors: White & Normal (Volks)

      Compatibility Information
      빈센트 상세 호환 정보

      I should be getting my head in soon and will be doing a box opening video. My character will also be female so if anyone is interested in seeing the head on a female body I've got you covered once it comes in c:
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    2. Looks quite pretty! This is the "Vincent" mold right? I see they have another, more childlike/girlish looking head too, but it seems to be a work in progress. Kind of wish their site/blog was a little easier to navigate, it took me a while to find more pictures of the doll.

      Never heard of this company before, thanks for introducing it. :)
    3. Hello~

      I should receive my Vincent head next month, since I put them on layaway. I got one for me and my girlfriend. My doll will be female while hers will be male. Both will be in WS. I'm already very excited. ^^)
      Gella looks very cute too, I'm tempted to get her. Too bad she's an MSD though...

      (By the way, Samieru is incredibly kind. Just wanted to throw that out there!)
    4. So sorry I've neglected this thread! I'm in the process of moving and haven't had much time for dolls.
      When I have time, I'll upload some pictures of my Vincent head on a female Dollstown 17 body. She's absolutely lovely <3
      And I'm excited to see some more people with this sculpt, too! Especially because there'll be another female Vincent.
    5. I know not many ordered Vincent on DOA, but I still feel compelled to share my Vincent so Samieru will continue to create beautiful dolls for overseas customers. :) I missed Gella and couldn't really afford a new doll anyway, but I'm gonna put some money away in case Samieru comes out with another lovely SD head. :)

      Anyway, here's Elwood all painted. He's hybridized on a LUTS Senior Delf Boy body in White skin. An imperfect match, but very very close.

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    6. @Dybbuk
      Oh gosh, he's absolutely beautiful. I just moved and haven't had time to even touch my Vincent yet. I meant to do a box opening of her Dollstown body back in March but I just haven't had the time. Right now I'm waiting on a pair of Mako eyes and a custom Angora hair wig for her-- which I'm super excited about <3
      Hopefully I'll get to post photos of her soon!
    7. @oninochi : Thank you so much! I didn't expect him to look as dark as does but I think it works well on him. I'm dying to see this sculpt as a female though. I think that versatility is desirable in a sculpt. :) Please share her when you do. I get excited when I see others took a chance on this lovely head. ^_^
    8. @Dybbuk
      I think the dark makeup looks gorgeous on him. This face is rather sultry in my opinion, so it works super well. If you'd like, you can take a peek at my inspiration board for my Vincent who I'm calling Andie. It's just a pinterest board of things that have the vibes I want for her. It's a little NSFW, but it's just nudity vwv;;

    9. @oninochi : Ohhh she'll definitely have a dark vibe as well. I think the sculpt will work spectacularly with your concept. Very risque but has some vulnerability to her. Can't wait to see the final product!
    10. @Dybbuk
      She was originally going to be very soft and innocent like the promo pictures but when I got her in my hands she seemed so different. Her face was much more mature than I originally saw it, especially when paired with the body I chose.

      This morning I got progress pictures of her wig which is super exciting. It's looking fantasic.

    11. @oninochi :I agree! It's a feminine sculpt but definitely a more mature type of feminine. Can't wait to see her as a girl. I suppose I even painted mine feminine enough to mess around on bodies if I ever wanted to... but I quite like him as a boy. That wig is going to look very lovely on her. I love custom wigs! I got lucky that one of my other fullset dolls that arrived some time ago came with a wig that was perfect for my Vincent.

      I wonder if anyone got Gella... I'm more of an SD fan myself, but she was a cute droopy eyed head as well.
    12. Oh! Oh! Oh! I just got a Vincent! :chocoheart
      He's still blank but he confiscated the body from another doll of mine and eyes from yet another and he's apparently never giving them back because he's sooooo beautiful that he gets to keep them for ever and ever. :mwahaha
      (Ah hem. Sorry. So excited to have a Vincent.)


      ...he needs a faceup. :love
      #12 Lady Ravenswood, Aug 29, 2016
      Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
    13. I'm so sorry I haven't kept up with this thread. I've been so busy lately with classes and work, not to mention a surgery was thrown in the mix.
      I finally started working on my Vincent and she's slowly starting to look how I wanted! It keeps raining here so there's not many days I can actually go out and spray her.
      Everyone else's Vincents look so so lovely and I'm happy to see more of them around!
    14. Aw, I hope you are able to rest up after your surgery. :bcake

      I haven't had the chance to give my Vincent a faceup yet either. I had worked it out so that I could work on the faceup over labor day weekend...and then I got the flu. :horror:
      Oh well. I'll get another chance at some point. Honestly, I'm just enjoying looking at his beautiful blank face! Hehe. I've named him Hermes. He'll be a Prince of Serpents.
    15. @Lady Ravenswood
      Ahh thank you! I only got my tonsils out so it was a pretty easy recovery tbh.
      It's so interesting hearing and seeing others' ideas for this head, especially when they're all so different.

      I'm gonna try to post some pictures of mine once I get home from work tonight. She's getting really close to being completed. Just a few more layers for her body and face.. and I'm waiting on some more wigs to try. Also some little microbeads for her piercings c;
    16. *revives the thread* Hello! I actually received my FOVEO Vincent head some time ago :3nodding: He doesn't have a faceup OR body yet, but he'll be getting his body by the end of this year! :love He's in NS too :thumbup

      Here he is with my first doll, Quinlan~! (hope it's okay if there's a non-FOVEO doll here hhh)


      His name is Toshi! And he'll be my first SD, so I'm really, really excited! :dance Hoping to see more FOVEO dolls here! :D
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    17. Great to have you inky_doric. ^__^

      Actually, I'm going to start on my Vincent's faceup today! Yay! Finally...heh.
    18. Oh awesome!! Good luck! I can't wait to see how he'll turn out!
    19. I hope there will be another preorder for Vincent.
    20. The gloss is still drying...so no eyes...but he's done! :chocoheart