Update [FOVEO] Head parts basic sales open

Jan 22, 2018

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      Basic sales of FOVEO’s heads have been opened.
      You can purchase all types of 'Antique Coral' skins at any time.

      In addition, Vincent , Gella.B and Dante’s ‘Salmon White’ skins will be on sale
      for about one week through the event.
      Please use this opportunity if you wish to purchase.

      Please your a lot of attention and love.
      Thank you!^^

      Release type
      Vincent / Gella.B / Dante / Popo / Toto

      Event Period
      22nd. JAN ~ 29th(16:00) Korean standard time


      E-Mail: [email protected]
      Twitter: @_samieru
      Instagram: foveo_samieru
      Flicker: _FOVEO
      Facebook: _FOVEO

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