New Doll [FOVEO] 'Nina' New Release & Fists hands Award Event

Jul 17, 2018

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      Hello, It's FOVEO:)

      A new classic 43-line "Nina" has just been released.
      She had a cute and lovely smile.


      In addition, if you purchase the Nina full doll until July 23th,
      you can get free fists hands parts.

      And Salmon white skin can be purchased for about one week.


      Fists hand parts for the classic 43 girls have been released.
      It was designed to be natural and beautiful curves.
      This part can produce a cute posture.

      In addition, for about a week
      we are selling Salmon White and Old White Skin for past customers.
      If you wish to purchase this color, please use this sale.

      Please your a lot of attention and love.
      Thank you:)

      E-Mail: [email protected]
      Twitter: @foveo_samieru
      Instagram: foveo_samieru
      Facebook: _FOVEO

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