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Foxy Dolls?

Dec 19, 2009

    1. Can anyone tell me if there are any fox or wolf BDJ out there?

      I have done some googling and found a few that people have made for themselves but no luck finding a resin one.

    2. Riki-
      Thank you very much for the information.

      More than I thought there were.
    3. There was an original dz fox but I believe he was given out as a gift (much the way the dz luna and leo were) but he was sold on DDE for quite some time and often appears in the marketplace. I dont think he is made anymore though
    4. Thank you. That may be a little closer to what I want.

      I have this feeling I'll be building it for me to get what's in my head.
    5. Yes, DZ did make a fox and he is hard to get sometimes. But keep looking in the Marketplace (once you have access) and they do pop up there from time to time.
      My DZ fox Mulder is in my signature/avatar picture. You won't regret getting one of these little guys/girls, believe me. They are wonderful.
      Good luck in your search for one.

    6. Making your own would solve your problems, that's what I did with my boys. Maybe you could buy the body so you only have to sculpt a head?
    7. This is a gallery thread for Luts Velo 'Snow Witch' (something of an arctic fox). :)
    8. That's my current plan for the doll. I am still learning about all this so I am taking it slow on doing it. Having the body would make my life easier and I think I could paint the hands the way I want.
    9. I think pipos is making Robin basic dolls again.
    10. There's the Dollzone Fox, i know because i've got one! :)
    11. I looked that one up. That is pretty cool. Thank you.
    12. Coyote is a Bao from Pipos but he's got a different body.
    13. I have never seen a Pipos anthro head on a different more human body! He looks really awesome and different. What body is it?
    14. ohh this thread is such a godsend! i'm looking for a fox doll to represent my online game character who is a pretty little white fox. unfortunately, most of the foxes look more like fennec foxes.. which is fine, except that my xynne is more of an arctic fox, so i don't really want the focus to be on her ears so much.

      strangely enough, i really love pipo's ringo, even though she's actually supposed to be a cat! if only i could buy a ringo and somehow acquire robin's tail... oh no, is that sacrilege? *hugs robin in case i'm hurting any feelings*

      *looks forward to stalking the marketplace one day* hehe.

      foxes are love!
    15. Pipos makes two foxes, Robin and Bao.
    16. Your coyote is really cute and so versitile as a little man coyote.