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Frankensteining dolls

Nov 2, 2018

    1. Not even sure whether it's called that. But do you guys Frankenstein dolls? Like taking a torso from one doll or brand and taking legs and arms etc from others? I know that switching heads and bodies around is a thing but does that also happen with legs and arms? Or maybe just feet and hands?
    2. I would love to give my kdfs some different hands. Even though they aren't as bad as they use to be, they're still really big and baby looking. For my older girl, a kdf Cherry, I switched them out witj a pair of old b-line mnf hands that I had laying around. The resin match is ok, not ideal, but still better than the giant mitts she had.
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    3. I’ve done this before and I love it. For me anything that allows more uniqueness and originality to a doll the better. It’s one of my favorite things. It’s not always a successful endeavor but it’s a fun one nonetheless.
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    4. I think the most I've mixed would be head from one company, body from another, hands from another and feet from yet another! I have seen people mix legs, arms and fantasy parts too, but I think that's just too big of a risk for me. Heads, hands and feet all pretty much fit in similar fashions, so as long as the size and color are right, it's all good. Other body parts require taking shape into account, which could require some heavy modding, if it can work at all. I've been in the hobby over 10 years, and I'm still not ready to attempt that kind of work! :sweat
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    5. Maybe all doll-part switching is hybriding? I'd like to get my D.I.M. girl some different hands, since her defaults are a bit paddle-like. I think Xagadoll is a close enough resin match to work.

      I've got a floating head I'm planning a different company body for and another 2 company head/body doll planned. I'm going to have to do some minor modding to get the neck sizes to match up.
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    6. I've got one doll with head, body, and hands from different makers. Another has feet borrowed from another doll (so that he can wear girl shoes...), and I have plenty of head/body hybrids. But I've always wanted to take a bunch of "spare parts" from the marketplace and sort of force them into a cohesive whole. Mods galore, probably, but it'd be fun.
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    7. I've only done basic hybrids myself, a head from one company and a body from another. A few have hybrid hands, usually done if I don't care for their defaults. A couple have hybrid feet so they can fit specific shoes. I am not a stickler for 100% perfect resin match, so that makes it easier.

      I think you see hybrids less often with torso parts/hips/arms/legs because those are so specific to the doll brand's engineering. They are less likely to just fit together. If they don't fit, you're modding, and then you need supplies and skill to do it well.

      I have a few doll friends that have done this sort of extreme hybridizing: head, torso, hips, arms, legs, hands, feet all from different companies. They have done a lot of modding, dyeing, painting, etc to bring their idea together. It's a lot of work to take things that far, but for some hobbyists the extreme projects are what they love. It's cool to see those dolls in progress and completed.
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    8. That's so interesting that people do more hybridising then just head/body. I thought most of the same size might fit. But I guess not. :O
    9. I know the thought of taking different company parts and combining them to make one doll body has crossed my mind, and I would love to try putting together something that's so customized if/when I get the chance.

      At the moment, though—the most frankensteining I've done is swapping out hands and hybriding heads and bodies. For hands—mostly switching to jointed hands from other companies, but I recently did a swap between two of my girls because, while both hands are nicely sculpted, they didn't fit with their originally assigned character. So...they've been swapped, and it worked out perfectly (surprisingly... the resin match is like 97-99% close, and I'm so happy with that:3nodding:)
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    10. I have a Lume Light with modded Soom Alk lower legs. I had just the Soom legs modded so that if I wanted (or needed) he could still wear his default Lume legs. It turned out really good although he did lose a little height as the Soom legs are slightly shorter than his default ones, which is fine.

      I was going to do a frankendolly with a Dollshe Orijean head on a Miro body with Soom Cass forearms and Dollmore Dollpire hands but the character, Wu-Tyr, insisted that he was not beefy/muscled like the Miro body was and demanded a more sleek body (he's on a Dollshe Pure body). I abandoned the mod (before doing any modding) pretty much as soon as I put the head on the body because it was just a big fat nope as far as the character was concerned even though the resin match between head/body was like 98%.

      The Miro body ended up getting an Angel Toast Crow head and I might throw the Dollpire hands at my SD Vito boy so that worked out well in that regard. The same SD Vito boy will likely also be getting a pair of SD Zenith girl feet so he can wear some killer thigh-high boots without needing to steal the heeled feet from another doll (that don't match AT ALL since he's WS and the feet are NY).
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    11. I have a ton of hybrids and probably the closest to a frankenstein doll would be a doll zone body with a minifee head and neck connector, and a minifee hand and a dollzone hand. I've seen people do this with fantasy parts, its pretty neat.
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    12. Cool! Do you have a link to the doll profile? I'm pretty curious. ;)
    13. My Frankie has a Unoa Lusis faceplate, a headback made by someone whose name I forget (it was over ten years ago), and a Unoa flat-chest upper torso. Her lower torso and arms are Kid Delf girl and legs are Kid Delf boy.


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    14. I have vague future plans of doing this for Aramy, my Mystic Kids QingChen, because I hate his current body soooo much. Aesthetically it's unpleasant, posing-wise it's a nightmare. I probably should have just gotten the head and hybrided it on a different body in the first place, but I got him when I was younger and more naive and more scared of hybriding. The reason he would be a Frankendolly instead of just a hyrbid is because I already replaced his hands with some Soom ones. So some day he might have a head from one company, body from another, and hands from a third.

      I don't think I'd go so far as to mix and match different torso/chest/arm/leg pieces, though I know people who have, and I'm always super impressed with the amount of work that goes into it and the results are often stunning. Seems to happen more with fantasy parts, which makes sense.
    15. Well if you click on my profile some of my dolls are on there, but i;ve been slacking with uploading them all. I do have instagram with the same user name.
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    16. I have a pretty frankensteined doll: my Dollshe Arsene/Dollstown 17yrs boy hybrid
      - Dollshe Arsene Head
      - Dollstown 17yrs boy body
      - Dollshe 26F bust
      - Doll Legend SD male hands
      - Dollshe 26F feet
      = three different companies/4 different dolls (male and female for Dollshe)

      I have another doll that will be close
      - 5th Motif Venitu/Timelss body
      - Dollshe old 26F bust part (incoming)
      - Doll Legend 70cm male long nail hands
      = three different companies/3 different dolls

      And a handful of hybrids with the added factor of different hands and feet:
      - Soom Morga/SupiaDoll Body/Resinsoul hands and feet
      - PhoenixDoll Liu/NobilityDoll Female Muscle Body/Doll Legend Hands/Dollshe Feet
      - Granado V07/Dollstown 18 yrs/Doll Legend hands/Dollshe Mystic Feet
    17. So cool to hear! :D
    18. I've done this before, I have two dolls that are classified as 'franken dollies', my first was my doll Dagur who is a Resinsoul Gang head on a Mirodoll 60cm boy body with Iplehouse YID hands and feet.

      My second, Sugar Baby, however is much more 'composited', he's made-up of 6 different dolls from 4 different companies:

      Iplehouse FID Oscar (modified, torso split)
      Luts Satyr Yul (modified, Apoxie Sculpt 'fur belt')
      Loongsoul Elsie lion paws (modified)
      Loongsoul Siren Lotus wings
      Soom Cheshire Cat tail (modified, Apoxie sculpt feathers)
      Loongsoul Eloise feather ears (modified, magnets)

      He was allot of work but definitely worth the effort and, in my mind, shows just how far you can go with these dolls in way of customizing <3

      Little piccy of my Sugar Baby:

      [​IMG]SB DOA1 by Aras Yentihw, on Flickr
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    19. I've never done it but I love the idea of "saving" parts and dolls.
    20. I've got a frankenstein doll with parts from four companies. The head, to be fair, is made by an artist who does not produce bodies so she was always going to be a hybrid at the very least. She's a Dokudoll cyclops on a Doll Leaves DSB45G-03 MSD body with vine arms from a Dollzone Renata and tiny resinsoul hands (which I've yet to attached as these will be protruding from her head and other places. I hadn't planned on piecing her together like this, but it's definitely making the process much more engaging for me.