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Franklin Mint dresses?

Aug 2, 2007

    1. Hi! Hope this isn't a 'duh' question but I would like to know if the Franklin Mint dresses, especially the Titanic ones, can fit a DoD msd? I did some searching around and I know some FM outfits can fit slim mini dolls like Narae and Unoa but I'm not sure if DoD dolls fall into that category.

      Any confirmation would be greatly appreciated! Thanks =)
    2. I would think if they fit Unoas, they would fit the DoC Girls Body type 2, but not the old type.
    3. I think I've read the fit varies on Narae - some dresses fit and some don't. Plus as always, fashion doll sleeves may not be wide enough for a BJD hand.

    4. I have several of the Titanic gowns and tthe FM doll is significantly smaller in the bust & waist, and shorter than most fashion (Tonner) dolls. With small alterations (moving hooks) the dresses will fit the slim Sharmin body & look great. I had pics of my Serendipity girl wearing the red & black, the white & blue stripe & the pale pink dress, but sadly have deleted them when I sold my Alice. Alice's hands are tiny & fit through the sleeves easily. It would depend on the size of your DOD's little hands. I can measure those three gowns for you, if that is any help.
    5. Are the Franklin Mint dresses pretty good quality? Are they lined? I've seen some really pretty ones, but since I'm unfamiliar with FM dresses and their doll line, I didn't know if they were meant to be re-dressed. Thanks!
    6. The jewelry & accessories are the best part; the quality in cothing varies from very good to okay. Shoes are molded plastic. Fabrics are generally nice, "leather" Harley Davidson coats are lined beautifully; Titanic gowns are lined, as are Liz Taylor's & Marilyn's. [​IMG]*click small pic for larger*
      This outfit's skirt is not lined, however.

      Is there a particular outfit you want to know about? The sizes are really all over the place, depends on the doll/character they were making it for. Scarlett's dresses are tiny waisted & rather flat-chested, but not as flat as Titanic's Rose.
    7. The red Rose Titanic gown with the black netting, and the royal blue gown, do not fit my Narae. Unfortunately.
    8. Verity, the blue/white stripe Titanic gown definitely won't fit a Bee-A, I bought it for mine a couple of years ago, and it was far too small. (I'm pretty sure I have the damn thing floating around somewhere still, I'd love to try it on my small-bust Unoa!)

      -- A :/
    9. I bought the red dress for my Unoa, but it was too little.
    10. i wonder if they would fit an AF Lilly...she's slender but is a bit big in the bust.
    11. FM blue & white Boarding dress
      waist: 14cm
      hips: 20cm
      Underarm: 14.5cm (jacket is double breasted & snaps could be set over a smidge)
      (High)Waist: 15cm
      Shoulder: 6.5cm
      Sleeve: 11.5

      Let me know if I can measure it anywhere else for you, or if there are corrections to these measurements, please.
    12. Most of the Franklin Mint clothes I have don't come anywhere near fitting my Tender Bee-a (Ophelia), unfortunately. My Titanic Rose is so much smaller, I haven't even tried, given the delicacy of the "jump" dress. I have two Jackie Kennedy costumes, and the peach dress fits Ophelia, but does not velcro all the way in the back. The yellow suit is too small. I also have some of the Princess Grace costumes, and those appear so small, I have not tried them on Ophelia. (Incidentally, all of them fit my R&D Angel Karen perfectly, who is the person for which I am buying them.)

      The only success I have had is with Princess Diana's white suit. This is significantly larger than the other clothes, and I speculate Diana must be a bigger doll. I have been interested in trying some of her other clothes for Ophelia, and also the Forever Love collection, which is made to fit all of the Franklin Mint dolls, including Diana.
    13. bumping this old thread. Does anyone know if the Princess Grace, Princess Diana, Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor or Marilyn Monroe dresses fit Unoa/Narae/MNF bodies? My Lati Blue girls would love some of those.
    14. not trying to bump this for no reason but I got the peach day dress from the Jackie Kennedy collection and it fits my Lati Blue girl great! I'm pretty confident it will fit Unoas well too because it has a little room to give. (Latis are a teeny bit more petite than Unoa)
    15. Does anyone knowif the Princess Diana & Jackie Kennedy clothing will fit the Soulkid Katie A.?? mY Mom has a Princess Diana that isn't de-boxed- she collected alot of the Ashton Drake dolls and Franklin mint ones- but she isn't a de-boxer like me. tHE accessories are stunning, and so are the colors.
    16. Just found this thread and I'm drooling over the outfits...I never thought
      about them fitting bjd's!! Is there anywhere I can see the measurements
      of all the dresses? Also, I know she's a bit large in the hips but any chance
      the dresses fit Unoss?
    17. Lula, I agree. I was wondering if maybe we could start a thread with pictures for size comparison- each of us has different dolls, and the different fashion doll outfits like Franklin Mint, Gene, Princess Diana, etc.

      I have some Gene outfits that might work on my Soulkid when she arrives, and I'm going to try them on her, but don't know if Gene's waist is smaller than the soulkid waist. Will have to measure her waist and compare it to the listed measurements on my BJD.
    18. there is no way these dresses will fit a Unoss. They barely fit Unoa if at all.
    19. lol I meant to delete that part of my question! Oh well.

      But it would still be nice to know what dolls the clothes
      WILL fit :-)