Frappzilla Review/Feedback

Sep 21, 2019

    1. Summary
      * What did you order?
      Custom Arlo wig.
      * When did you order?
      March 31st.
      * Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
      * Did the item look like the sales pictures?
      * Were you satisfied with the product?
      * Tell us some of the positives and negatives about this product (optional)
      Very pretty and soft wig but I worry I might ruin it if I handle it too much.
      * Would you buy more from this company?

      Full Review/Feedback
      This is a review/feedback for a Frappzilla wig I ordered. I ordered and paid for an Arlo wig(Size:8.25"/Color Option:Petrol; Black with hints of Light teal, Navy and Magenta. Muted light teal, Navy and Magenta colors so the wig would be more black (80%black/20%other colors) than in the sample. The length to be long like in the second sample picture) on March 31st, it was shipped out September 11th and it arrived at my home September 21st. The wig came to a total of $85.00. The wig cost $64.00 and the shipping cost $21.50. The wig that I got is just as specified and very soft. I really love it but I don't know how to style it and it feels fragile in my hands.][​IMG]IMG_20190921_182432[/url] by[email protected]/]rum pocky[/url], on Flickr

      Frappzilla were going through a lot at that time, lost of love ones, moving and resetting up their business and life. The wait was very long. They kept customers updated through their website and social media to a certain extent.
      There were some points where I wish communication was better, Frappzilla brought up an issue with Gmail. I had added their contact to my address book after subscribing my email with them yet didn't receive some of their attempts at contact. I only heard from them after reaching out personally. As I stated before, they had been keeping everyone updated via their website and social media but that became less and less.
      The timeline of things was concerning. New orders were opened up before the previous ones were completed and shipped out. Practices like this raised concern for my own order. I feel that it is better to finish what is on your table before moving on to something else.
      When my concerns got the best of me, I would contact them and they would reply with an apology and a reason. Sometimes the reasons had me more concerned such as illness and holiday, that seemed to add a delay and should have been mentioned on their platforms to the public like how other companies do.They were always polite and friendly, business aside, they are wonderfully kind people.
      They are working at their business practices already and making changes and I hope they will obtain a more streamline service. Current and past orders should have been done before starting the new process and opening new orders.
      For Frappzilla: Keep your customers well informed on all platforms. Stay on top of your orders and don't overwhelm yourself.
      For Customers: Ask questions. Be polite and understanding.
      As they are now, I would not order again but possibly in the future if they improve with handling orders and time management. I look forward to what they will have to show in the future as.
    2. I can not recommend this company. I ordered a commission in October 2018. I was promised photos in advance. After my payment there was no communication until December on my demand what happened with my order. Then suddenly I received the message that the wig was sent, but probably to the wrong address,
      I inform her in advance that I'm moving in December and my new address. I did not receive a wig. Spring / summer2019 I wrote to her again that I have received nothing and if the wig had come back, what Frappzilla said no. She offered to make me a second wig and ship with insured shipping. I was very pleased but also here the communication was terrible and she did not keep several appointments / promises! Finally in July /August 2019 I received a photo of the Wig!I was hopeful that everything would be fine and paid again for the postage. She immediately promised me the tracking number "tomorrow". I waited until the beginning of September and then she finally sent me the tracking number!I waited until the end of September for the wig, nothing. I contacted the post office and they said that the wig had been sent back for unknown reasons.
      So I paid almost 90 dollars and received nothing. It is unclear so far whether she has given a wrong address again, however, in this period of 1 year there was bad communication, not kept agreements and promises! An absolute nightmare.