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FreakStyleBJD Tinie Discussion

Aug 23, 2015

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    1. Silk, I have to say that you've outdone yourself with Persephone! I love her body proportions and her expressive face -- I think she'll have to join my crew of Eurotinies once the order period starts. (The copper oriental resin is one of my favorites, too.)

      Do you have any sense of how she might fit into existing clothes sizes? I'm so very bad at estimating from measurements . . .
    2. Thank you :). To be honest, I have no idea ^^". My own collection exists only of SD-sized dolls with one stray MSD. I don't even know what companies out there offer tiny-sized clothing. My website does offer Persephone's measurements. Maybe you could ask tiny owners on this board what might fit based on that?
    3. I'll do some comparison of her measurements with my other tinies, too -- it will be fun to see what works for her when she arrives, anyway!
    4. Somehow I missed there was a discussion thread? Anyone else getting her? I've got one, one! payment left on my layaway!
    5. It's taken me FOREVER to get around to taking a picture of Sandrine, but here she is with her gorgeous faceup by AngelToast and a wig that will probably change sooner or later . . .


      So far, I'm finding that clothes made for the Lammily doll work pretty well, and so do some things made for 1/6 male action figures (trousers, especially). RubyRedGalleria has some shoes for the InMotion Lia doll that fit. My summer project will be to fiddle with Barbie knitting patterns and work out some sweater designs for Sandrine!
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    6. Awww, where are the Persephone fans?? :poke poke:

      One more clothes discovery: things made for Curvy Barbie work beautifully on Persephone, especially tops and dresses. (This includes knitting patterns, yay!) Sandrine's wardrobe has improved a lot since I figured this out. :thumbup

      Also, RubyRedGalleria is expanding its InMotion line of dolls, which means MORE SHOES. I just ordered a great pair of realistic InMotion sandals for Sandrine from the seller misspittypat2 on eBay, who distributes RubyRedGalleria items.
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    7. That's great to hear! I'm afraid my girl is a bit neglected at the moment. But soon I will have time to sew again and she will have clothes that fit her rather than having a dress modified from a minifee skirt, lol.
    8. Yup, yup, look for Curvy Barbie patterns! I can't tell you how excited I was to realize that there's a whole cottage industry devoted to dressing Curvy Bs. ;)

      The reason I dug up this thread and posted -- well, besides procrastinating on end-of-semester grading -- was that this morning I walked past the shelf where Sandrine sits and realized that she looked way too warm in her winter outfit. Time for a seasonal clothes change!
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    9. Esmyrna does at least look cool and breezy in her "dress". It was supposed to be a nice broomstick skirt for a minifee! It will definitely make it easier to have her be the little fashion plate Faerie queen she ought to be, I've already started a list of patterns!
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    10. Wow, has it been a whole year since we had any discussion about Persephone? Sandrine says UNFAIR, and wants to show off her new dress from Atelier ni Shasha on Etsy:


      The whole Curvy Barbie thing is making Sandrine's wardrobe so much more interesting than I ever thought it could be. Now, if it were just easier to find nice, grown-up-looking shoes for her long narrow feet . . .
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    11. @Cynthia in FlintHills
      She is gorgeous! :D I regret not getting one when they were for sale... thank you for keeping the thread alive!
    12. Aww, thank you, @Flortune! She is such a fabulous little doll -- I love how solid she feels in my hands and how well the body moves.
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    13. How did I miss this girl? I mainly have dolls her scale, but somehow I've never seen her before.
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    14. Oof, my girl still has no face-up. I'm still trying to find the right person. My poor Esmy.