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FREE Dollzone Bookmarks

Apr 13, 2009

    1. Not really sure if this would belong here, or if it needs a different "prefix". But in any case, Dollzone sent us a bunch of their new bookmarks. We're giving these away FREE with any order, limit 1 per order, while supplies last. You can choose exactly which one you would like as well. [ at http://www.junkyspot.com ]


      The bookmarks don't come with our watermark btw, lol. :)

      The bookmarks measure: 2.25" x 6", and are full color. Did I mention they're free with any order?
    2. Can we ask for a certain bookmark?
    3. yup, they're all choosable (while they're in stock). i added a "free stuff" section and listed each bookmark seperately for you guys to pick n choose :)

      i love swag!
    4. Will people who ordered things previously and had to wait for orders to process be able getting one too or must it be a recently placed order?