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Free Fairyland heads event at Think Pink! European dealer

Nov 3, 2009


      With purchase of Fairyland products in November and December you can receive a free event head, while stock lasts!

      Please see our website for details:
      Event Heads

      We have limited stock of the following event heads available for customers who purchase Fairyland products thru our shop (both in stock or pre-order):

      With purchase of:
      €200,- you will receive a Puki Multihead* or a Pukipuki Pumpkin Head*
      (choose from Cupid or Ante)

      €300,- you will receive a Littlefee Ante Winking Faceplate*

      €350,- you will receive a Scar Head*
      (choose from Shiwoo or Breakaway)

      €450,- or more you will receive Scar Head* + Scar Arm Set
      (choose from Shiwoo or Breakaway)

      *Without face-up

      Event heads can be changed to heads of lower purchase value, but not for heads of higher purchase value. Limited to 1 head per order.


    2. I made a mistake when writing all this, the following event items aren't in stock yet, but are expected with the next shipment so can be reserved:

      Pukipuki Pumpkin Head
      Littlefee Ante Winking Faceplate
      Breakaway Scar Head
      Scar Arm Set
    3. There is still limited stock for the event heads available ^_^