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FREE SHIPPING: Narin Creative Narin Dolls- Narae, Narin & Dandelion

Dec 2, 2008

    1. Hello everyone!
      I'm pleased to announce that:

      Narin Creative in Korea and Dollfair International are offering a


      from December 1- 31st, 2008

      for any Narin, Narae or Dandelion ordered during this month..

      Resin offered is UV Protect French resin, in all four colors for Narin and Narae:
      Snow white
      Pinky White
      Golden Beige
      and Tanning!
      All faceplates are available during this promotion as well.

      Here is Narae in a classic-face, with pinky white UV protect Resin:


      43cm NARAE IN STOCK:
      we have a small amount of blank, tanned Narae with open-eyed faceplates, ready to ship free anywhere in the world.

      Both old and new knee joint systems are available, by your request.
      To buy one now, please go here to our studio site! Quantities are limited.

      DANDELION is our new 38cm Korean girl, sculpted by Bimong.
      She is available in:
      Snow white
      Pinky White
      Golden Beige and
      Oriental resins.

      Order 38cm Dandelion here

      This is Dandelion in Oriental colored resin:

      Happiest of Holidays from Narin Creative Korea, artist Bimong and staff, and everyone at Dollfair International.

    2. Does the free shipping apply to the matte resin dolls too? I tried add a pinky white matte resin Heartbreak boy (with no facepainting, seam sanding, piercings) and it came out to $450 instead of $425. Thanks in advance. : )
    3. one question. Does the free shipping apply to order only narae head? i dont see option for this :/
    4. Hi ... answering questions here:

      Chienism, try refreshing your browser and see if it works now..
      this ordering period is for UV protect French resin only. We hope to offer matte resin next month.

      Shaiel, we are offering free shipping for full dolls only due to the cost of EMS. If you are planning to order 2 or more heads, we could work something out for you.

      Best wishes
    5. Time is running out on Free Shipping offer! :candycane:fangirl:
      joan, Customer Service, Dollfair International
    6. Is Dandelion a limited production doll, and will she still be available to order when matte resin is in stock again?
    7. I think this question would be of interest to other members, what is the difference between the two resins, UV protect French and Matte?