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Free shipping on Soom Gems!

Dec 23, 2005

    1. I'm sorry if someone's already mentioned this, but just in case no, it seems that Soom is offering free shipping on Gems?

      I suppose that this doesn't cover mini gems, ne? It's too bad... I adore Uyoo. T_T I wonder if this is a permanent thing... they don't list an ending date. Even if not... this is awesome. ^^
    2. O______________O

      Oh my gosh! First Uyoo, then the eye price drop, now this!
    3. Oh man .... no, no, I won't go look at Namu again.
    4. Does this mean the free shipping does not apply to orders paid by wire transfer?
    5. Oh crap! Ah! I'm going to be ordering a Rian and my roomate was going to order Namu, but I have a feeling it will be too late to take advantage of the offer. Why do I always miss these things???

    6. I have Namu and I think he's a gorgeous guy. I don't regret ordering him for one minute. He has such sexy lips.
    7. Oooh. Good move, Soom. =) This aggressive price-cut and promotion strategy may help you wriggle a little bit closer to the top.
    8. Yes, my boy-type Gena just got $60 closer! Though I'll probably buy eyes with the difference...