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Free wig from CADolls "all ya gotta do is....."

Feb 22, 2010

    1. Free coupon for a BJD wig from CADolls. Just sign up for the newsletter on the site
      With the next newsletter you will get a coupon for a free wig. The newsletter also has information on upcoming events, new arrivals and special sales not on the web site
    2. this is a new dealer for the us?
    3. Is there going to be a certain number (such as the first 50 to sign up) that will get the free wig coupon?

      I imagine a lot of people will sign up as a free wig is a too-good-to-pass-up offer, and I think it might be very difficult (and not very profitable) to have to give out dozens of wigs for free.
    4. I have been a doll retailer since 1990 and have carried BJDs since 2005. I have recently added several new companies. There are a limited amount of free wigs, yes, so I could run out. Info is on the coupon and the newsletter will go out ar the end of the week.
    5. Would we have to pay shipping for the free wig?
    6. Yes, there would be a shipping fee for the wig. If you buy anything else there is no extra shipping of course. If you bring the coupon to an event, I give you a wig-no strings attached! I will be saving some wigs for the upcoming events. The wigs are random. Some DAE, Monique, Souldoll and other companies
    7. Will you get to choose the size at all?
    8. I would also like to know if we can put in a request for the size.
      Its not a major issue for me though, because I love surprises!

      Thankyou! :)
    9. The wigs are mainly 8/9, some 7/8 and smaller. It will have to be random. I have about 100 set aside for the promotion but it will be first come first serve until I run out
    10. woohoo! I just spent an hour browsing your site there was lots of cool stuff. and I signed up for the newletter, I just hope I was soon enough for the free wig! do you have an estimate on how much shipping for the free wig alone would be? I wish you had layaway cause you have a fullset doll I want in stock! oh well
    11. Hi, I do layaway!!!!
      Shipping will be $2 for a wig. The newsletter will go out Friday with the coupon