Limited Items [Freedom Teller] 'BLUE MARINE' New Limited Sets Updated

Jul 17, 2016

    1. UPDATE 'BLUE MARINE' New Limited Sets on
      (SD13, 16, 17, 70cm, & SID, EID Homme) / Freedom Teller (@FreedomTeller) | Twitter / Freedom Teller

      [LIMITED] 'BLUE MARINE' New Limited Sets Updated

      We're happy to inform you that we've made our new limited set for summer [BLUE MARINE]

      Sailor is the typical summer uniform, but it is always receiving the love in regardless of the season.
      We are expressed the sailor more classy and added fantasy a little bit.

      Jackets and shorts are improved fit and completeness in traditional uniform and add the shirt of the time and belt of the tailcoat style. Volume pleated skirt instead of pants for girl which is fit waist belt has completed.

      For more information, please check the details page of the LIMITED category~

      Order Period : 2016.07.16~2016.08.06

      Shipping Period : 2016.08.01~2016.08.20

      * Shipping will be during shipping period, if order forms has lots, then it could be delay




      Thanks for your interesting and love.
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