Limited Items [Freedom Teller] 'Enchanter' New Limited Sets Updated

Jan 8, 2017

    1. UPDATE 'Enchanter' New Limited Sets on
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      [LIMITED] 'Enchanter' New Limited Sets Updated

      We're happy to inform you that we've made our new first limited set of 2017 [Enchanter]

      [ Enchanter ] is a costume recreating the fantasy movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"
      by Hommage.

      It is a movie based on New York of 1920s. We are created with the retro and vintage feeling of the main character wizard.

      A wizard wearing a unique color coat and holding a cane!
      The rough feeling of carded wool jacket and pants in the upper the collar of the coat, button vests, and bow tie are made with the retro feeling of the 20s.

      Cane and leather belts, old leather notebooks, boots that climb up to the ankle are accessories for completing the wizard's style.

      For more information, please check the details page of the LIMITED category~

      Order Period : 2017.01.07~2017.01.31

      Shipping Period : 2017.02.01~2017.02.20

      * Shipping will be during shipping period, if order forms has lots, then it could be delay


      Thanks for your interesting and love.
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    2. Do you accept lay away? I can't find information on the website.
    3. Will this also fit the EID model type body, or will it be too big? Thanks!
    4. @aernath It might good to ask about it to our website. Thanks!
      @Ashemanu I will look forward to you, but it would be better to ask the question on the Q&A of our website. Thanks!
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