Update [Freedom Teller] Homme and Femme's new items updated

Mar 4, 2017

    1. UPDATE Homme and Femme's new items updated on FreedomTeller.com
      (SDGR, 16, 17, 70cm, & SID, EID Homme)
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      [UPDATE] Homme and Femme's new items updated

      We're happy to inform you that we've made our homme and femme's new items update.

      It is only my time to enjoy the relaxing day!
      We have updated the comfortable pajamas and underwear this time.
      The pajamas are made entirely of rosemary for homme and femme.
      The underwear are made by tailoring nicely around the bust line, we created this set to fit nicely but look comfortable.

      And we show other cushions which is good with pajama and new lugs.
      Thank you.

      Thanks for your interesting and love.
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