Sales Promotion [Freedom Teller] May~June Event

May 25, 2016

    1. UPDATE [EVENT] May~June Event on
      (SD13, 16, 17, 70cm, & SID, EID Homme) / Freedom Teller (@FreedomTeller) | Twitter / Freedom Teller

      [EVENT] May~June Event


      We are prepared the event item,' Seukajan JK' for May~June Event & new casual items update for pre-summer.

      1. May~June Event (Seukajan)

      Seukajan was a souvenir from the US military in Japan, so it also calls Souvenir jacket.
      It emerges suddenly in this season. We are prepared ' Seukajan JK' which has colorful embroidery details point for this event.

      * The embroidery are prepared 2 design, Intense 'Hawk' and mystic 'Carp' in different colors.

      * 'Hawk' could match with other colors in sleeve. (select one in the six colors--> see 'Notice' on website)

      * Scarf (triangle) is a special gift who order the event Seukajan Jacket.
      Please select your desired design from the drop down menu. We will ship with it in free for you.

      Ordering Period : 2016.05.20~06.10

      2. New casual items for pre-summer

      We are prepared new casual items update for pre-summer

      Attaching the work clothes up and down, Overall is attached has emerged as a fashion item.
      Overall which has Comfort and rhythmical feeling looks great with Round T-shirt and dress shirt.
      It could look more gently cool to match with small size image pattern scarf ^^~





      Thanks for your interesting and love.
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