Limited Items [Freedomteller] [10th Anniversary Event 2] 'Maestro' & 'Noblesse' limited clothes update

Mar 3, 2018

    1. UPDATE DD girl clothes updated. on
      (MSD, DD, SDGR, SD13, SD16, SD17, 70cm, & SID, EID Homme)
      @ / Twitter (@FreedomTeller) / Instagram (@@freedomteller_bjd)

      10th Anniversary Event 2: Limited clothes [Maestro] & [Noblesse]

      Thank you for your interest in our 10th Anniversary limited clothes preference survey.

      This preference survey was conducted at Korean site, English site, and Weibo in China.
      Although there is a difference in preference according to the region. We have tried to collect the common opinions fairly.

      As the result, the most favorite clothes are [Maestro] and [Noblesse] sets.
      Based on the results, the first half of the Encore Limited clothes are decided [Maestro] & [Noblesse].

      The second favorite clothing was likewise popular:
      [Inspecteur Javert], [Prince in Uniform], [Your Highness], [Secret Agent], [Thief Lupin]

      As announced, the second clothes will be released by Freedomteller in the second half.
      We will announce again in the future, so I would like to ask you for your continued interest ^^

      [Mastro] & [Noblesse]

      Clothes size: MSD, SD13, SD17, 70cm SSDF, SID, EID, Dollshe 28M (David Kuncci) Boy size

      Head: EVERETT / ESTHER Boy (Face-up including already)
      It can order 4 heads each, you can choose from 65cm clothes options.

      Order Period is
      March 3rd 21:00pm ~ March 30th 21:00pm
      * Release time is based on Korean time! (UTC+09:00) *

      Shipping period is
      March 20th ~ April 30th will complete the shipping.

      * If you order early, it can ship from the end of March.
      * Shipping will be shipped sequentially according to the order. If there are many orders, shipping might be delayed.

      We are preparing some big events for the 10th anniversary in this year.
      We would like to ask for your interest and love.
      Thank you.
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    2. We add the Dollshe 28M (David Kuncci) size! You can make the order now!
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