Limited Items [Freedomteller] 10th Anniversary Event 4: Limited clothes [Inspecteur Javert] : 1st pre-order

Jul 21, 2018

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      10th Anniversary Event 4: Limited clothes [Inspecteur Javert] : 1st pre-order

      Thank you for your interest in our 10th anniversary event which is being relayed in 2018.

      We are prepared the second limited edition which is based on the survey of preferences.
      The second limited edition is the clothes chosen by Freedomeller.
      There is no clothes made without affection and worry everytime, so we carefully selected it to reflect the preference of customers.

      This pre-order will be divided 1st and 2nd pre-order, and EID / SID size will open in the 2nd pre-order!
      Because we need pretty much time for making the limited clothes. Please understand that we will adjust by 1st and 2nd.

      The 1st pre-order will receive orders for sizes 62cm, 65cm, 70cm and the 2nd pre-order will be updated SID and EID sizes!
      The 2nd pre-order period will be scheduled for mid-September, but the second pre-order period can be adjusted according to the first order quantity.

      [Inspecteur Javert] 1st pre-order

      Clothes size: 62cm, 65cm, 70cm SSDF ( SID, EID size will update in 2nd order! )

      Required : Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Hat, Epaulet, Badge, Shoulder Rope Accessory - total 7 pcs
      Option : Long Coat / Boots (Option can be ordered in addition when ordering.)

      Order Period
      July 21th 12:00pm ~ Auguest 05th 22:00pm
      * Release time is based on Korean time! (UTC+09:00) *

      Shipping period
      September 1st ~ September 20th will complete the shipping.

      * Shipping will be shipped sequentially according to the order. If there are many orders, shipping might be delayed.

      We are preparing some big events for the 10th anniversary in this year.
      We would like to ask for your interest and love.
      Thank you.
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