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Nov 26, 2018

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      [UPDATE] 10th Anniversary Event 5: 'WINTER EVENT' updated

      We will inform you about the winter event for the end of 2018.

      Event 1. Mix & Match

      'MIX & MATCH' event that takes advantage of the concept and benefits of Freedomeller!
      It opened again in two years. During the event, you could order by matching a set of suits according to your preference. This time you could also order overfit coats in various colors, plus you could also add the fur collar. Customer who order through the event will also receive a gift.

      Event period
      November 23, 21:00 - December 23, 21:00pm (Korean time)

      * Initial volume is available and can be delivered in 1-2 weeks.
      * Shipment will be shipped sequentially according to the order. If there are many orders, the shipment could be delayed.

      Event 2. Head [ESTHER] + Make-up Event

      During the event, you could order the make-up of head 3 [ESTHER].
      We are prepared Boy style make up this time, It is the same make-up with pictures of 'MIX & MATCH'.

      Event period
      November 23, 21:00 to December 10, 21:00pm (Korean time)

      * When you add make-up, please consider the preparation period of 4 weeks.

      Event 3. Best Reviewer 'BEST REVIEWER'

      The 'BEST REVIEWER' [Click] has been a great place for our customers to upload lots of pictures and share various presentations with each other. We think that the participation of photographs has been reduced these days, so we are prepared the event this time.

      1. 30$ store points will be added to all the participants who uploaded the pictures during the year 2018!

      2. If there is a unique picture, you will be awarded 100$ store points for only one person!
      (Selection the picture is decided by the management team of Freedomteller, only when the target picture comes out!)


      We would like to ask for your interest and love.
      Thank you.
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