Preorder [Freedomteller] 2021SS 'Basic Clothes' for Mini updated

Apr 3, 2021

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      [Pre-order] 2021SS 'Basic Clothes' for Mini updated

      We have updated Pre-Order for 2021SS Basic items for Mini size.

      This season, we have prepared new items in pleasant colors with vitality and energy.
      Although it's the casual item, it is also made to match with the basic suit lightly.
      Enjoy fresh colors like vitamins in the spring/summer season^^
      You could also order FreedomTeller's signature basic suits and coats!

      * Pre-order of basic outfits for the 2021SS season will end once this time.
      * Since the pre-order date for Tailored and Casual outfits is different, please refer to the notice before making the ordering.
      * Casual clothes could be ordered until the end of June.

      [ Basic Clothes ] Online Pre-order Period

      Size : Mini 43cm, 48cm

      Categories : Tailored / Casual / Accessory
      ( Basic Suits, Coats, Casual Shirts & pants, Acc. )

      Pre-order period

      Tailored : 2021. April. 2th 21:00pm ~ 2021. April. 16th 21:00pm
      Casual : 2021. April. 2th 21:00pm ~ 2021. June. 30th 21:00pm

      * It's based on Korean time! *

      Shipping period

      Tailored : 2021. April. 19th 21:00pm ~ 2021. May. 10th 21:00pm
      Casual : 2021. April. 19th 21:00pm ~ Scheduled for regular shipping

      * Shipping will be shipped sequentially according to the order. If there are many orders, shipping might be delayed.


      We would like to ask for your interest and love.
      Thank you.
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