Preorder [Freedomteller] Limited Clothes '[Lisianthus II]' Femme&Mini size updated

May 9, 2021

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      [Pre-order] Limited Clothes '[Lisianthus II]' Femme&Mini size updated

      We are updated Limited clothes '[Lisianthus II]' for Femme&Mini.

      'Lisianthus' clothes is one of the most popular limited clothes in both I and II versions.
      This time, we are prepared the second version of the clothes in Femme and Mini size.

      It is a motif of Lisianthus which has gorgeous, elegant, and beauty of the petals that bloomed in layers.
      It is an aesthetic clothes which embodies the classic of the Freedomeller.

      The Femme's clothes is a full set, and is prepared in two colors + two options.
      The mini size is prepared more lightly, mainly for shirt dresses.
      For more information, please visit and check the detail page on the website!

      [ Lisianthus II Femme&Mini ] Pre-order

      Clothes Size :
      - Femme (Volks SD16, SDGr, DD) / - Mini 48cm (Simply Meant To Be 3.7 body), 43cm (Volks MSD)

      Pre-order period
      May 10th 21:00pm ~ May 23rd 21:00pm * It's based on Korean time*

      Shipping period
      Jun 19th ~ June 22nd will complete the shipping.

      * Shipping will be shipped sequentially according to the order. If there are many orders, shipping might be delayed.


      We would like to ask for your interest and love.
      Thank you.
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