Preorder [Freedomteller] '[Lisianthus II]' 62,65,70,75cm size limited clothes updated

Jun 13, 2020

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      [Pre-order] '[Lisianthus II]' 62,65,70,75cm size limited clothes updated

      We are updated Limited clothes '[Lisianthus II]'.

      Thank you for your interest in the last '[Lisianthus I]' clothes.
      This clothes has received a lot of asking so far, so we are introducing the second clothes as a concept.

      It is a motif of Lisianthus which has gorgeous, elegant, and beauty of the petals that bloomed in layers.
      It is an aesthetic clothes which embodies the classic of the Freedomeller.

      For more information, please visit the website.

      * Especially, we will lottery and ship 《 Limited 10th Anniversary Photobook 》
      as a free gift for 《 10 people 》 . *

      * This photobook is limited to a total of 100 books, and will be sold out after the last lottery in the 2020 event. We will show new version of photobook. *

      [ Lisianthus II 62cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm ] Pre-order

      Size : 62cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm boys

      Basic includes : Cape coat, Coat collar, Shirt, Pants, Bustier, Waist string, decorative tie (neck), decorative button (for collars), decorative chain (jacket front closure) - total 9 pcs

      Additional includes : 2 design boots ( It's not included in the basic includes and can be ordered separately.)

      Pre-order period
      June 13th ~ June 28th 21:00pm * It's based on Korean time*

      Shipping period
      July 1st ~ July 30th will complete the shipping.

      * Shipping will be shipped sequentially according to the order. If there are many orders, shipping might be delayed.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      We would like to ask for your interest and love.
      Thank you.
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    2. Do you offer layaway?
    3. Sorry we don't accept layaway :(
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