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Update FreedomTeller.net | 2012 Spring Update - Peacoat

Mar 5, 2012

    1. [​IMG]
      2012 Spring update on FreedomTeller.net
      http://www.freedomteller.net / http://twitter.com/freedomteller

      We have just made our first update for 2012 Spring!
      The main item of this update is our all new peacoat. Don't miss out on our new easy-going (stripe) cardigan and stripe shirt as well.

      The peacoat originated from marine coats of England and it's still a steadily loved item around all over the world with its classic look.
      Even today, this style of coat stands as a must-have item for all trendy men.

      We have prepared this item in black, dark navy, and camel.

    2. yes and now you are adding SID and FEMMES