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FreedomTeller.net | Freedom Teller is recruiting FT Supporters.

Jan 8, 2012

    1. [​IMG]
      Freedom Teller is recruiting FT Supporters.
      http://www.freedomteller.net / http://twitter.com/freedomteller

      In 2012, we wish to grow as a boutique that will listen to our customers’ voices.
      To become closer to our customers, we have prepared a special event for those who are interested in our goods.

      FT Supporters?
      FT supporters are the people who will experience Freedom Teller’s outfits and accessories and leave an honest detailed review about them. We will select only a handful of people and they will act as FT supporters for 3 months.

      We are looking for people with following qualifications.
      - One with understanding and interest towards Freedom Teller’s creations
      - Blog or SNS user
      - One who enjoys photographing and writing about dolls
      - One who will sincerely provide reviews of sent goods during the acting period
      - One who agrees with all details/agreements noted above and below

      Applying to become a FT Supporter
      - Please download the application form attached to our announcement post on our website and fill it appropriately.
      Then Submit the application with at least 1 photo of your doll you took to our email.(webmaster@freedomteller.com)
      You must attach at least one photo of your doll.(Not too many please.)
      This is not for us to see your photography skills but to see if you understand our boutique’s concept and mood.
      - Submission Period: January 8 ~ January 21
      Please understand that we will not consider those applications received before or after the submission period.
      - Gathering 5 people (SD13 1 Person, SD17 2 People, SID 1 Person, EID 1 Person)
      - FT Supporters Announcement:
      On January 27th, we will notify who will be our FT Supports for 3 months on our website’s notice board.
      You will act as FT supporters from February 1st.
      For further details about what to do as a FT Supporter, we will send individual emails for those chosen.

      What to do as a FT Supporter
      - Every month, you will experience new or current Freedom Teller’s goods at least once.
      - Post your review on our product at least once a month to your blog or a forum,
      then post a review on our website (review board) with a link to your blog’s/forum’s post provided.

      Perks for becoming a FT Supporter
      1. Experience our goods at least once a month.
      2. Reviewed good will be given to you for free. ^-^
      3. 1~2 Best supporters will be given more perks.

      - On first and second month, you will only sent single items to review.
      If you have posted sincere reviews for two months, then you will be given a chance to review our suit set.
      - Items to be reviewed will be sent by our choice. You can’t choose what you want to receive.
      - If we see that you are not active as FT supporter, then you won’t be considered again for the next term.
      However, if we see that you were active, you will be given an equal amount of chance as others for the next term.
      - Freedom Teller uses patterns that will fit perfectly on Volks SD17 boys, SD17 boys and Iplehouse SID and EID men.
      Similar sizes can wear our outfits but won’t fit exactly the same as on our model bodies.

      If you have any questions regarding becoming a member of our 1st FT Supporters,
      please direct all questions to our website's QnA board.

      Thank you!