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FreedomTeller.net | Grand Opening Event~!

Aug 27, 2011

    1. Grand Opening of FreedomTeller.net

      Freedom Teller is pleased to announce that we are now open!
      We are very excited to meet ball-jointed doll owners all around the world.


      As our international website's opening event, we have prepared an item that is basic but will become an essential part of your doll's wardrobe.

      Event Gift 1 :
      Any customer who purchases over $ 50 USD will receive a sleeveless top as our opening gift.


      Event Gift 2 :
      Any customer who purchases a full suit set will receive a sleeveless top and a sophisticated necktie as our opening gifts.
      (Gift necktie's color and pattern will be selected at random by our respresentative.)


      ※ This event will run from 8/27 ~ 9/30 only.

      [FREEDOM TELLER] is 'Handmade Doll Boutique' for Ball-jointed dolls.

      Freedom Teller is a team of master craftsmen with artisan spirits!
      With our love towards fashion and BJDs, we wish to make outfits that will maintain its value and quality even after a decade.
      To carry a classical but contemporary sophistication, we pay attention to little details of the item
      starting from the outfit’s design, material and subsidiary materials selection, pattern making, stitching and packaging.
      With Freedom Teller, your doll is not just a doll but a brilliant model!

      Should there be any questions about our service, please contact us through our Q&A board or email.

      Freedom Teller will do the best to make your shopping experience with us a pleasurable one.
      Thank you.